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Top 13 Super Bowl LIV commercials 2020

And it’s all over! Super Bowl LIV (54) is in the books and saw quite an interesting and fun match up unfold with an impressive win from behind for the Chiefs.

To no surprise the half time show was one of the most discussed parts of the whole event (J-Lo AND Shakira Shakira are still trending on twitter) – next to THE ROCK opening it, of course. Almost as (some would say even more) entertaining as the Kansas City Chiefs winning though were, as every year, some of the ads we saw during the big game. The Super Bowl is quite famous for seeing the best ads of the years as big companies are going all out to trump each other. 2020 wasn’t any different and while there were quite a few cool, emotional, and fun spots, a few stood out more than others. Here’s our Top 13 of the best Super Bowl commercials of 2020.

Porsche – The Heist – Big Game Commercial

Call it home field advantage or bias, but the first entrance in my Top 10 is by one of the coolest car makers out there. I vividly remember driving my old Honda around southern Germany, Stuttgart to be precise, and seeing all those cool Porches being test driven. The ad is quite fun and a nice reminder that it’s not only Tesla who is producing electric cars. How do I apply for a role as Porsche security guard though?

AMAZON Super Bowl – Before Alexa

Nice dig by Amazon on the people asking what did you do before you had Alexa. Ellen is always cool anyways. So that’s just fun to watch.

Doritos Super Bowl Ad – The Cool Ranch

Sam Harris is awesome and quite likely the biggest reason to watch The Ranch on Netflix. Those Super Bowl commercials with Nas X now are pretty funny (that mustache dance!) And Billy Ray Cyrus is also in there!

Cheetos & MC Hammer – Can’t touch this

CAN’T TOUCH THIS! Do I need to say more? I don’t think so either! (Besides: MC Hammer is in lots of Super Bowl ads!)

Audi – Let it Go – Maisie Williams

The next German car maker on the list. Don’t ever say Germans aren’t creative – or rich enough to pay Hollywood actors 😉 In this case it’s Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) combatting traffic by embracing and singing along with Let it go!

Facebook – Ready to Rock?

Believe it or not, this is Facebook’s first ever Super Bowl ad. Starring Chris Rock and Sylvester Stallone. It highlights a few cool Facebook groups and ends with a “Rocky” moment.

JEEP – Groundhog Day

There’s always at least one old-school movie star ‘selling out’ for a Super Bowl ad. This time it’s Bill Murray and the classic Groundhog Day. It’s pretty funny though especially when you know the actual movie (which is doubtful for Millennials and Gen Z).

Michelob Ultra – Jimmy Fallon & John Cena

In this ad John Cena and Jimmy Fallon work out together. Jimmy hates it, obviously, and then tries to see the ‘lighter side’ of things. Rather funny but as someone who plays Volleyball I have to say that hitting the ball looks terrible and I wish the US Beachvolleyball women would have taught them just a little technique. Nevertheless a fun ad.

Little Caesar’s – Best thing since sliced bread

I enjoyed that quite a bit as I can relate to it from working in agencies quite some time ago. Poor sliced bread guy! 😉

Google – Loretta

To the surprise of absolutely nobody Google ran one of the longest ads during the Super Bowl trying to be super emotional to make their data collection feel less creepy. Did they succeed?

MTN Dew – Zero Sugar – The Shining

In a remake of The Shining Mountain Dew re-introduces their zero sugar stable. With Bryan Cranston. Yes!

Snickers – #SnickersFixTheWorld

With all the craziness going on (WW 3, Coronavirus, pollution, etc.) maybe all the world needs is just a Snickers? Some fun references in here and a ‘happy ending’.

Quibi – Bank Heist

Since I love ‘El Casa De Papel’ (Money Heist) I had to include this Quibi clip here. Quibi is a new network that will air episodes that are up to ten minutes. It already tries to make its own name a thing which probably means it’s doomed to fail but let’s give it a chance.

If you made it until here, time for you to enjoy Shakira’s and J-Lo’s Super Bowl performance. I’m not the biggest pop music fan in the world, but those two ladies ‘still got it’. Nice to see them having fun and setting the crowd on fire.

That’s it from us. What were your favorite big game moments and ads of 2020?

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