what kobe bryant taught us about business innovation

What Kobe Bryant taught us

The new decade did not start well and to cap off the horror month that was January 2020 one of the most beloved (sports) heroes of our time, Kobe Bryant, passed away. Amongst the victims of the tragic helicopter accident were also his 13 year old daughter Gianna as well as six other passengers and the pilot who also should not be forgotten: John, Keri and Alyssa Altobelli, Sarah and Payton Chester, Christina Mauser, and Ara Zobayan (pilot).

We do focus on Kobe Bryant here though as he was the person in the spotlight. For more than 20 years. We all know his story, even if you’re not a basketball fan. Jumped into the NBA right from high-school, skipping college, to see if he could hang with the big guys. And hang he could.

In the beginning he was famous for his athleticism but he learned rather quickly that this wasn’t all he needed to succeed. While he had all the talent in the world, he wasn’t alone with that. Other talented players such as the great Michael Jordan showed him rather fast that you need more than talent to succeed. And that is where Kobe then excelled.

He didn’t stay the person he was when he came into the league. He worked on himself, he improved, he adapted, he changed. He needed to do what was necessary to stay ahead of the game. For 20 years.

He had a great run where he won 3 championships with the LA Lakers. He had a great partner in Shaquille O’Neal though what many people considered to be ‘luck for Kobe’. After Shaq left the team, Kobe had to prove that he could win without Shaq and, once more, reinvented himself. That’s what he came to call ‘Mamba Mentality’. Not giving up, not letting outside circumstances define you, but actually making the best out of the situation that you are in.

This all now might sound like something a motivational speaker would say but we can very well say that this all also applies to the business world. It becomes even clearer when looking at what Kobe Bryant achieved after he retired from Basketball. He left what defined him for 20 years behind and started new careers. Founding a Basketball Academy, becoming an investor, and, most surprisingly, a storyteller that saw him win an Oscar (and, most importantly for Kobe himself, becoming the best father he could possibly be).

Kobe Bryant showed us how important it is to not just focus on the here and now – even while having success – but on the ‘what comes next’ and tirelessly working on improving yourself. Not only as a person, but also as a business.

Who would have thought that a professional athlete who is supposed to be only good at playing ball would end up funding start-ups, making smart investments, supporting kids, and winning an Oscar?

So no matter how well your business is going, if you’re struggling, or winning at the moment, it is as crucial as ever to keep reinventing yourself and, as Kobe puts it, to touch the lives of as many people as possible, to be remembered as one of the greatest to ever do it. In life, and in business.

To quote LeBron James: Mamba out, but not forgotten.

8 thoughts on “What Kobe Bryant taught us”

  1. I understand in every lesson of Kobe. He tried to create a winner character for everyone and his lesson not only use in playing sports but also using in business and daily life. Moreover , his experience you can see that he didn’t gave up and he would attack to every obstacle. He illustrated that action can deleted contempt better than speech. It’s a strong mentality. He is a model of attempt. Although worldwide has told that he expert but he still trained and kept his standard.

  2. Kobe Bryant is my idol Is the one that makes me like L.A. Lakers He’s a good guy, a good basketball player, an inspirational person for children all over the world. Rest in peace Black Mamba

  3. Pat Rachatasakorn

    Kobe Bryant is one of my dad most favorite basketball player, so he is my favorite too. He really inspire me in many ways. This article is really great that use the story of my idol to inform people. Such a great article, thanks for making it.

  4. Helenna Sa-ngaunsattaya

    Kobe was such an inspiring person. I like how he turned all the judges into his great opportunities. His attitudes toward the circumstances makes me understand why he became one of the most successful people. The way he improved himself all the way through his career life, how he not giving up and not letting the outside circumstances decide himself, instead he chose to did it himself. RIP Kobe Bryant.

  5. Thanyaphon Khwanngam

    I am personally impressed with what he had left for the next generations. He didn’t even go to college but still be successful because the important thing is he learned every second from his experience as the pro basketball player which cannot be taught in school nor college, and also his mindset of doing anything to keep himself ahead of the game is very inspirational because I would say that if you want a victory to yourself, you have to think like a winner and get ahead but do not forget the team. That’s such a inspiring and touching article mr.Sascha!!!

  6. Pantari Sirisachadecha

    Kobe Bryant is one of the many peoples favourite idol. He presents a positive energy of not giving up any opportunity in life and turning the opportunity to be a chance for him to shine. He never gave up on any games and always aim for victory, he’s such an inspiration for everyone, Thank you for sharing!!!

  7. To be one of the GOAT athletes, not only physically, you have to have a strong mentality. Kobe played a huge part in sports history. He created a new move in basketball the “Kobe Bryant Fadeaway” which is one of the most deadly moves in the basketball game. Failure and giving up, he believed, were worse than death. He did his best to teach people how to persevere in the face of adversity and to make do with what they had, no matter how simple it was.

  8. Engkawat Jitareethep

    From this blog, we can tell why Kobe is the hero for most of every kid. He is such an inspiring person, not giving up so easily in tough circumstances. I’m impressed with what he had left for the next generation. RIP Kobe Bryant, the greatest of all time.

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