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Personalized content: Why you have to make it happen.

There are lots of 2020 predictions out there right now and we here at KITE obviously also shared our opinions (Social Media Trends 2020 | SEO Trends 2020) but nobody really talks about one of the most important factors that relates to Social Media, SEO, SEM, CRO, CX, and you name it: Personalization. We all know what that means, yet it’s not really being taken too serious or talked about. Maybe because it doesn’t have a cool acronym? How about we introduce PXO (Personal X Optimization – Personal eXperience Optimization)?

I know what you’re thinking. Now those guys at KITE even make up their own acronyms. And that’s right πŸ˜‰ If we think about it, it makes sense though. Providing the best customer experience possible is more crucial than ever as the choices out there are bigger than ever and most of the competition is improving their experiences constantly – as one should.

Hence it becomes a must-do to start with PXO – optimize the personal experiences for your customers. No matter if you’re a small business or a huge player, we all compete with Amazon, Lazada, Netflix, et al when it comes to online experiences.

It is, obviously, hard to always stay ahead of the game and predict upcoming trends to be ready for what customers want to see and to personalize their experiences – but you can certainly take steps to be prepared for whatever disruptive development might come your way.

AI isn’t the future, it’s now

We alway talk about AI as something that might happen in the future but if looking at the tools that we could have at our disposal we can confidently say: AI is now! You can use AI powered tools to automate customer interaction by analyzing their wants and needs and produce content and answers they want to see. You can track customer data to see which content performs best with what target audience at which time and then make appropriate adjustments. You can even set up smart distribution channels that run automatically according to your data and analytics. AI is awesome.

The most crucial part here is however, not to only collect customers and data, but to actually make sense of the data collected. It is rather easy to just stock up on user behavior by tracking what customers are doing, it is more difficult time intense to correlate and make sense of all the data collected.

A few cool tools to use would be Bots, Analytics, and whatever CRM platform your are using. More reviews on this in our upcoming post though.

Should you require any inspiration or support on how to make this all work, don’t hesitate to get in touch πŸ™‚

Just do personalization

Statistics show that over 80% of marketing leaders and executives decided to increase their spending on personalization efforts. Most companies seem to invest in data and analytics as well as developing and utilizing technology platforms. Are you on the same track? Left behind? Then it’s time to start!

Sometimes it might be difficult to convince management about why you should invest in personalization efforts but if you think about it in detail it should be a no-brainer. Everybody likes to be taken care of and not feeling like ‘just another’ customer, right? So if you don’t provide a personalized experience I’ll find a competitor who will. Make me feel welcome and like you want me to be there. Don’t treat me like I need you, you need me!

If you need some help to convince management, feel free to let us know. I’m sure we can help.

In all seriousness though personalization is key to success especially in times of digital transformation. If you increase your personalization efforts, your ROI will thank you. Hence don’t wait too long. Don’t be afraid to do it ‘wrong’. Use the LEAN approach and learn as you go. Just like in real life. You only learn by doing something. Same here. Just. Do. Personalization.

No rest for the driven

Now here’s the ‘bad’ news for anyone who sees PXO, or any other digital marketing discipline, digital transformation, design thinking, etc. as ‘work’ rather than as a way of life. It will be exhausting. Styles change, trends change, technology changes. Faster than ever. As all those areas change, you will have to change too. And with that the way you personalize changes as well. This means if you got a great personal approach set up right now it might not work in a year from now if you don’t keep up with current developments and don’t adapt frequently.

This, however, also means that if you don’t have a great PXO going right now, you can still bounce back by taking it serious now and start considering it as a crucial part of your strategy.

If you need some help, inspiration, support, or just someone to talk to, do get in touch! πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Personalized content: Why you have to make it happen.”

  1. Kotchawan Yuensuk

    Thank you for your article. The information in the article is really helpful because it makes me clear. The reason why people have to create the personalized content. This article is consist of the trick and information to tell the answer of those questions.

  2. Nabhopp Chiravadhanookul

    Technology has come a long way and it allows businesses to personalize content easily through AI and various analytics softwares. This reminds me of when I looked up how to cook something on YouTube and suddenly pots and pans are popping all over my online shopping apps. It’s kind of creepy how fast and smart these things are. However, I do have to admit that it makes life a lot easier. If I have a business I will definitely utilize these tools to cater to the needs of my customers. Thanks for the article!

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