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Let’s be honest, we all want to sound smart and like we totally know what Digital Transformation means – especially as we’re supposed to be doing it for years now. Here are a few buzzwords that will make you sound smart enough to hang with most digital focused conversations. Or not 😉

Mobile First

According to the latest digital Thailand stats Thailand clearly is a mobile first country. That means that the mobile phone is the first touch point (oh another one) for your brand with the potential customer. So always optimize your mobile experience (DJ Khaled!) to make sure your brand actually really is using a mobile first approach.


But did you make it https? We need to make it https. Don’t forget to go https…. All that means is that you make your internet connection (server side) more secure. If you’re running with a good host, they will even do that for you for free. So just say “Of course all my projects already switched to https. Super smooth.”.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Who hasn’t heard of AI and thought “hm, tbh, I don’t really know what that means” – don’t worry, you are not alone. In order to sound smart and confident though you can even consider chatbots on Facebook as AI. So if you run a Facebook page and use automated responses you can confidently say that you are obviously also implemented AI in your automated marketing processes.

(In actuality AI obviously could help you to target audiences better, faster, more directly via automated data analysis etc but hey, we’re not here to learn something, we want to sound smart!)


“Tell Mike from sales he needs to reach his KPIs by any means and if that means to adjust his leads and work the weekends so be it.”

Key Performance Indicators have been around in marketing and sales forever but now also find their way into every day conversations. So always be aware that you need to reach your KPIs to turn a positive ROI.

Internet of Things

In a list of cool buzzwords and acronyms IoT can’t be left out of course. There’s no way you wouldn’t think about IoT and using wearables and other smart devices for your upcoming personalized digital experience marketing campaign, is there?


“So we’ve been moving heavily towards the blockchain” “Yes, sure, who doesn’t…”

Remember the old saying everything is better with bluetooth? Blockchain seems to be the new bluetooth. There’s no doubt that blockchain has amazing potential but there’s also no doubt about that 83% of companies that are using blockchain have no clue what they are doing and are using it just because. Here look I made a Tamagotchi game that runs on blockchain.

Quantum Computing

Actually this one could be saved for next year’s list as well. QC has been up and coming for a while but didn’t catch on quite just yet. But if someone asks you what you think could be an up and coming trend and disruptor in regards to digital transformation just throw Quantum Computing out there and add a ‘…you’re familiar, aren’t you?” so that there won’t be any follow up questions.

Data-Driven Marketing

Let’s be honest if your marketing isn’t data driven you should probably be fired. But hey, we’re not about seriousness but buzzwords today so data-driven marketing or data-driven decision making are always great buzzwords to make something obvious and reasonable sound fancy af. “What are your particular strength?” “Well we’re all about data-driven marketing to understand target audience’s pain points and analyze potential touch points and engagement opportunities.” – You’re welcome.

Content is King

The oldest marketing saying in the world. Always good to just randomly drop in conversations especially when you don’t understand what’s happening while your peers are talking about IoT, blockchain, etc.

Them: “….bla bla bla IoT….”

You: “????”

Them: “…blockchain….”

You: “???”

Them: “…..”

You: “…well that’s obviously right but besides all that we can’t forget that content always is king!” (and then you walk away to avoid follow up questions)

Also knowing that Content Is King…if we create content, what does that make us? Ha, mind blown, I know.

content is king
content is king


For real now, if you don’t gamify, do you even digitally transform? Gamification has been around foooooorever now and simply means using game concepts in non game settings. So no, that’ doesn’t mean you come up with your own version of animal crossing (get rid of your plant passing idea right away), that means you use the tactics that games use (Points, Badges, Leaderboards) and implement into your marketing campaigns. Like Starbucks, Amex, or Airlines. Now you actually learned something here. Must be because it really annoys me when marketing peeps get that wrong. Let’s stop that right here.

Growth Hacking

Because ‘dude trying to get and retain users / customers’ sounds boring on your business card / linkedin.


Continuing the fancification (yes, I made that word) of boring old-school words we take the word ‘very’ and replace it with hyper. There you go, hyper hyper.

Hyperlocal = Very local. Focusing on local optimized marketing campaigns. Ideally those are data-driven and hyper personalized to deliver the best possible personalized experiences.

There’s also hyperreality, hypertruth, hyper identities (all media communication related) hyper everything!

Be honest now! Which of those buzzwords got you your last raise with your boss? If it’s any of those I’m expecting a commission!


  • Nontawan Yu says:

    Well… I have to confess that I used to see and heard these words but i didnt understand it thoroughly. Your blog is really making me look smart hahaha maybe. Thank you for the information and those memes that make this blog even more fun to read.

  • Siradar O. says:

    This is nice to read it gave me to learn something new, because I’m sure that there are many people that still don’t know or haven’t seen these words since even those words are quite new for me too. Anyway this teach me alot to know about the buzzwords.

  • Engkawat Jitareethep says:

    Well, I have heard all of these words once but I don’t understand at all xD but it does really make someone who uses it look very smart. By the way, love the memes you put in this blog. It is very fun to read.

  • Navapat Leelarburanathanakoon says:

    This blog is very useful, these words are new to me! Thank you for making me understand more new words. I have heard of some words before but don’t know the meaning. It may make me look smarter.. or not lol.

  • It was really interesting for me to getting to know all of these buzzwords because I used to know some of these words but not actually knowing throughly meaning of its. And also this block could teach me a lot and I could apply all of this knowledge in my daily life.

  • Nattaya Rattanaekkawin says:

    Thank you for writing this article, there are many words that I never heard before or maybe see its but don’t know the meaning. There are also few words that I familiar with it, such as AI; however, reading this blog makes me more understand with words that I already know it and introduces me some new words to use.

  • Warisara Kaewduang says:

    Wonderful blog! This is such a new things for me since I never see those words before.

  • Chavisa K. says:

    Wow, these words really make people look smarter when they are said because they look so complicated, some of these are familiar to me, but some are not so, thanks to this article that help expand my vocabulary.

  • Netrbidorn Buain says:

    Haha! I love this content. There are several words that I have seen before and tons that I haven’t. It really expand my vocabulary and somehow make me look smarter!

  • Wow! It’s great to know some digital buzzwords I didn’t know before. It actually makes me look smarter, at least for my perspective.

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