digital thailand 2020

Digital Thailand 2020

Due to the Covid-19 craze we haven’t yet had the chance to analyze We Are Social’s & Hootsuite’s latest data report masterpiece: Digital 2020. As we are based in Bangkok we will first start by looking at Thailand and Southeast Asia in particular before following that up with some international thoughts.

Just look at the raw numbers. INSANE penetration considering that we ‘only’ have 50% urbanisation.

And it’s still growing. And growing. And growing!

Still one of the few countries where there are more females than males (also on dating sites, but why would I care about that).

Did anyone say mobile first? MOBILE FIRST!

We. Live. Online. That means we’re online at basically any given time.

What do Thai people look at? No surprises looking at the top 10 even though it’s cool to see local old-school forum Pantip repping Thailand. Look at places 15-19 though #nocomment

What are we doing when we’re online? Video video video video. Streaming.

Buying cryptocurrency made it onto the list! That’s a surprise. Look at how open we are towards innovation. Thailand 4.0 in the making.

As if that wasn’t clear before. We are social media.

We also are active on those social networks!

One year from now TikTok is going to be number 3. Mark my words.

Messaging, Stalking, Messaging, Stalking, Shopping, Shopping, Banking, Banking, Telco, political jokes 😉

That took a while but eventually e-Commerce is taking off! Thanks to Covid-19 that stats is going to go through the roof next year.

Cashless Society here we come!

Get digital, or get lost!

5 thoughts on “Digital Thailand 2020”

  1. Chawakorn Pornsuksawat

    I agree with this article. Social media is very important to everyday life, everything is now online. If business don’t adjust, we will see many shop go bankrupt. And Tiktok this application is a new way of marketing many companies use Tiktok to advertise or use Tiktok to campaign the election. Media is ruled our lives.
    Get digital, or get lost!

  2. Mirin Chotichaicharin

    I’m very interested in this article because it is reminded me the beginning of 2020 that everything in my life was changed and effected from the spreading of COVID-19. Everyone is living and do everything in their house and Tiktok application is getting popular maybe because everyone wants to create the new contents to solve their boredom in quarantine period.

  3. I understand this article clearly. Since 2020, Thailand is changed in many way not only digital. Nowadays, digital is very importance for our life because it can help us everything. So, When the world go forward, we should follow them to improve our country.

  4. Noppachat Rom M.

    In 2020. there are many things have change in Thailand, especially the pandemic was happened everything is shut down and have to change the way to communicate through the online platform. The business owner have to adjust their business for suitable with the situation, if not they will face with problem. So, just remember that when the world change, we have to change ourself as well.

  5. Tbh, I really like the way you wrote this article ! and I agree with all you said ! In 2020 is a year of change, we can see a lot of changes in this year due to pandemic. Not only in Thailand thats the digital platform has improved but also other countries as well. Online platform has become more and more important these days.

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