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Traditional vs. Digital Marketing

Marketing encompasses the entire business — head, body, and toes – as seen through the eyes of the consumer. This is why, as your marketing improves, you will sell more and get more devoted consumers.

However, it is not only about marketing. The key is to select the most appropriate and relevant marketing approach and channel.

Businesses nowadays must choose between two major marketing platforms and strategies: digital marketing and conventional marketing.

Deciding on the ideal marketing strategy for your company necessitates an understanding of each channel, how each approach works, and how they may be combined. To do so, you must first grasp the distinction between digital and conventional marketing.


Traditional marketing is the earliest type of marketing in company.

The original marketing is traditional marketing. It employs traditional (offline) marketing methods that often include advertising and promotional material in order to reach a semi-targeted audience.

Traditional marketing tactics were the sole means for firms to reach out to their target audience until the internet came along in the 1990s.

Traditional marketing is classified into five broad categories:

  • Print (newspapers, magazines, brochures, etc.)
  • Broadcast (radio, TV, etc.)
  • Outdoor (fliers, billboards, banners, etc.)
  • Direct Mail (postcards, catalogs, etc.)
  • Telephone (SMS marketing, telemarketing, etc.)

The fundamental components of marketing today rely primarily on traditional marketing strategies that have stayed consistent throughout time. They are as follows:

  • Product
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Price

Every successful firm recognizes the need of developing a good sales funnel through the use of a marketing strategy – and these components of conventional marketing continue to dominate. Using these four Ps, any company can guide its clients and prospects through any sales funnel and achieve positive outcomes.


Simply said, digital marketing is any type of online marketing (on the internet). It is the marketing of products or services via one or more types of electronic information and media (digital channels.) The following are some examples of digital marketing channels:

  • Company websites
  • Blogs
  • Social media tools (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.)
  • Online or electronic Billboards
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile gadgets (phones, laptops, tablets, etc.)

Because of the technical advancements that the world has seen, digital marketing has exploded in popularity. Consumer culture and behavior have shifted as a result.

As the globe continues to grow increasingly digital, so does the market. Digital marketing looks to be more cost-effective and gratifying than traditional marketing since it is becoming a more direct means to interact with target consumers across the world.

With the ongoing growth of Social Engine Optimization, for example, the cost and rewards of organic searches continue to rise. Promoted tweets and Facebook posts, influencer travel, SEO, and Tasty videos are all instances of how broad digital marketing can be.

To distinguish between traditional and digital marketing strategies and assess their success, examine the following differences:


Traditional marketing involves ongoing expenditures, which can make it costly and may not provide a decent return. An ad in the local newspaper or on the radio or television will only be worthwhile if it reaches the intended audience on the day it is broadcasted or published. What are the possibilities of that happening?

Any extra outreach may need a re-run of the print or broadcast campaign, necessitating additional expense.

Contrast this expenditure with content marketing, which you generate once on your website and may utilize for months or even years at no further expense. Digital marketing has the potential to be less expensive.

Marketing strategy

Traditional marketing requires a more personal approach since the marketer must establish a one-on-one relationship with the audience.

There is no need for a person-to-person interaction in digital marketing because all meetings take place online. The marketer, on the other hand, must maintain a considerable level of online presence in order to boost its image in the minds of the audience or customers.

The intended audience

Every marketing plan is tailored to a certain audience.

It is simple to reach out to the local audience or consumers in the conventional market. You must first define your target audience and then position marketing messages (through a channel) in places where your target audience may readily see, hear, or interact.

It aims to reach a large number of people/customers. Use newspaper ads, billboards, radio ads, or television commercials, for example.

Digital marketing has a broader reach. To reach a worldwide audience, digital marketing is enabled online. It employs organic or sponsored content and advertisements on search engines and social media, as well as email marketing, video marketing, and influencer marketing.

Interaction and involvement with customers

Traditional marketing provides minimal connection with the audience since marketing media are not flexible enough to allow for consumer interaction. The audience is left to see, hear, or read about the marketing message without being able to quickly provide feedback.

Engagement and interaction are facilitated by digital marketing. Customers may simply provide feedback in the form of product reviews, buyer experiences, testimonials, and so on. This enables the firm to quickly collect consumer feedback and include it into their statistics.

The ease with which outcomes may be measured

Traditional marketing results are difficult to quantify. You never know how far your marketing will go when you distribute leaflets, give out pamphlets, or advertise in newspapers or magazines.

Digital marketing makes it simple to track outcomes. Instead of going blind-eyed, you get a clear-sighted marketing strategy. To understand where you’re headed, you have access to a wealth of information on your clients and prospects.

For example, you will know how many people visit your website and how many people view your video.


The key to a successful marketing strategy is striking a balance between digital and conventional marketing.

Can they collaborate? Without a doubt.

In 2021, digital marketing will be a valuable supplement to traditional marketing. Both are critical components of a marketing plan. However, when you employ both at the same time, your firm will benefit more.

Coca-Cola and Guinness are two fantastic examples of how they have managed to retain both digital and conventional marketing with the correct mix to reach both sorts of consumers.

21 thoughts on “Traditional vs. Digital Marketing”

  1. Warisara Kaewduang

    After reading this blog, I have better understanding of both traditional and digital marketing. I clarified the differences between these two. For instance, offline businesses have continuing expenses or fixed costs, such as printing, whereas online firms have the potential to be less expensive because you just paid for once a year with no additional cost. This could be seemed that digital marketing is more effective than conventional marketing. The writer, on the other hand, claimed that balancing digital and traditional marketing is critical to succeed. Traditional marketing will be enhanced by digital marketing. So, it cannot be denied that both are essential components of a marketing strategy. This expertise will be useful to me in the future once I decide to start my own business.

  2. Thanyaphon khwanngam

    in my perspective, both ways are suitable for different target groups but for me, digital marketing may get more profit during this covid-19 outbreak.

  3. Chonlekha 6407640405

    I totally agree that we can make more benefit if we use conventional and digital marketing. These two type of marketing also widely convey message even a gap between generation. Therefore, the we can expand our target to access more people. Moreover, this blog has many knowledge for me to build on my skill on the future.

  4. Netrbidorn Buain

    I totally agree that to succeed in marketing is to balance traditional and digital marketing. However, since the pandemic has occurred, digital marketing seems to have a bigger role in society and consumers’ attention. I would say that traditional marketing could not expand worldwide without digital marketing. However, conventional marketing also seems to reach a larger number of people in the local area. This article is very interesting!

  5. Piraya Punyataweroj

    When it comes to this topic, I think there is no correct answer to which type of marketing is better than the other, it truly depends on the context and consumer. For example, if a company is trying to sell luxurious watches to upper middle class men, it would be most appropriate for them to advertise it through traditional media such as business magazines. On the other hand, items aimed towards teenagers should be promoted through social media platforms as they tend to only consume new media.

  6. Waralee Jatchavala

    I think that digital marketing and a traditional ways are both greats for marketing. It will be even better if there are balance between the two which allow the consumers to access the market easily. Because there still old generation consumers does not know how to use technology like the new generations.

  7. I think that we should to find the balance between traditional & digital marketing to respond the demand from every generation but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this situation made the digital marketing remarkably growing and many people who comfortable to use the traditional have to try to use the another one

  8. In my opinion, both way of marketing, which is traditional and digital, are effective marketing. In each of them can targeting to the different groups of people, so it still work in their own way of marketing. However in my own perspective, I think digital marketing can affect to my purchase more than the traditional marketing.

  9. Patnita Ongvasith

    Thanks for the information about traditional and digital marketing, it’s very useful for me in future. In my opinion, I think the digital marketing is better in The COVID-19 situation. On the other hand, we can try to find the balance of traditional and digital marketing to make it better.

  10. Navapat Leelarburanathanakoon

    Both traditional and digital marketing a good in their ways, But for the current situation, the covid-19. Makes traditional marketing harder for us, which makes digital marketing more famous these days.

  11. In my opinion, I totally agree that digital media has been one of the most important things in our daily life especially in this situation in our world, COVID-19 pandemic. Digital media has became bigger role in society and for the costumers, which is the most facilitated all of the people, whether it be selling(seller) or buying things(shopping), established their own brands, or spread out the media that all citizens should receive.

  12. Thank you for sharing the information. In my opinion, due to the COVID-19 , I think digital marketing is more suitable because the fundamental component of traditional marketing include public , places . And people only staying online these days , so digital marketing is potentially reaches more audience.

  13. In my perspective, traditional and digital media are both effective. we could balance between 2 ways of marketing for effective marketing. But according to the COVID-19 situation, I would choose digital media since people can easily access the company from staying home while they are in quarantine, home isolation, or even during the lockdown. And since the technology era arrived, people are currently using their mobile phones so the traditional media might be effective for some target group.

  14. For me, both ways of marketing is effective in different ways and different target, and it’s also depends on the situation, like during the pandemic, for me the digital marketing is more effective than traditional one.

  15. Natthanicha Pongarporn

    This blog made me clearly understand about the difference and advantages between traditional and digital marketing . In my opinion,I think both has their own charm and target to attract.The combination of two ways marketing can be possible.For instance,the product about health or elderly would be mostly published on traditional media as newspapers and maybe some on Television since nowadays people in every range of ages watching television.Due to this situation,digital media will be the best choice to establish and advertise the products.

  16. Siwapach Tortanachotiwat

    I believe traditional marketing is still not out of date. It might suit the gen x-y but not for the gen z. Besides, it might be liked by those who love classics. What’s more interesting is that I find that digital can be hacked while traditional ways can not. On the other hand, digital marketing cost less than traditional marketing, and accessibility is way easier. Both have different advantages.

  17. Dalika jongyingsiri

    The era had changed, market do so. We as a new generation kids, we should have learn more about digital market and the tradition is the core of the market that been changed era to era. We have to be active to new information all the time and keep an eye on the market in various way.

  18. This article makes me more understanding about the strategy of the media. We should develop ourselves to improve our mind to be more valuable in this era. It is so useful for everyone 🥰🤩

  19. Jiratchaya Jumponkunawut

    I totally agree with you that the key to a successful marketing strategy is striking a balance between digital and conventional marketing. Even digital marketing is a lot easier to get to many people and cheaper but it still has a group of people who do not use social media like old people, so conventional marketing is still important.

  20. Artitaya Paphakeeree

    In my perspectives, using of these two kinds of marketing depend on the personal preferences and tastes of each person for example, in my case I always read comic or novels which digital marketing is the best way for me to find some story to read, but sometimes my friend got interested in beauty care promotion in the brochure because they feel like digital marketing is not working with grabbing their interest. However, during the pandemic situation, digital marketing might fit with us because it’s quite easier and also it reduces the chance of touching things together.

  21. Nattaya Rattanaekkawin

    Thank you for your information, this article make me understand more about both types of marketing. In my opinion, traditional marketing start to disappear because of the advance of technology and the pandemic that make people need to stay home and using more social media applications, so some companies use digital marketing that less expensive and easier to access with audiences.

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