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The digital ‘new normal’

The term ‘new normal‘ is being tossed around like nothing else these days. New normal this, new normal that. Will we now always have to wear masks wherever we go? Can we never ever go to watch sports or comedy shows again? While those are all important questions that need to be answered we obviously also have to understand how ‘the new normal’ affects all things digital ’cause, let’s be honest, if there’s a new buzzword around, it most definitely influences the digital sphere (*plans conference talk for 2021: ‘how the new normal changed *enter digital topic here*”*).

The New Normal & eCommerce

How did you buy just about anything those past few months? Exactly. Online. E-Commerce has been on the forefront of the economy basically everywhere and kept us fed, entertained, and maybe even helped us not to feel alone (I’m talking about pro accounts of dating apps, get your minds out of the gutter!).

While this was/is obviously of great value to all of us we can also see that the opportunity to make money via eCommerce increases the amount of players in the field which effectively means the level of competition increases dramatically. What does that mean for us? Well. Stand out.

In order to stand out you need to keep optimizing your digital presence. Be that content marketing wise, your Social Media efforts, your SEO efforts, paid marketing, CRO, you name it. If you stop, take a step back and relax, you lose. You can be happy with the success you’re having but you need to be aware of the fact that the competition doesn’t sleep and is just waiting for you to become complacent in order to take your spot. So keep those campaigns running, keep analyzing, tracking, and optimizing. If any of those words sound weird to you, get in touch now so we can help you getting ahead of the game while there’s still time.

Another ‘new normal’ mindset that we / you / everybody needs to have is that investments into digital strategies can’t stop. Your digital transformation is not over once you got your website updated, your staff trained, etc – it needs to keep going. When budgeting you need to make space for all things digital – in fact ‘digital transformation’ should always be one of the biggest parts on everybody’s budget list as, to my point above, once you become complacent, you lose.

During the Covid-19 epidemic I realized that even lots of big companies that aren’t necessarily ‘digital’ invested in / start their own eCommerce platforms to diversify and be part of the boom. And we’re not talking about another Web 2.0 bubble like back in the day, this ‘boom’ now is not a big hype but an ongoing growth in investment by companies that see the digital space as a ‘safe’ investment space which will allow them to make more money (e.g. NocNoc). So if those big and slow moving companies move towards eCommerce – what are you waiting for?

The New Normal and Digital Marketing

Taking into consideration what we discussed before it becomes rather clear that we also need to focus more on digital marketing than ever due to increased competition in all areas. Small differences can decide between winning or losing. Therefore we got to make sure to have an elaborate plan ready when it comes to taking on the challenges ahead.

What does that mean? Well the times of just shooting from the hip are over. It’s essential to plan ahead. Not just a few days, but weeks, months, or even a year. You would need to have content marketing in place, look at events that are going to happen, create infographics, videos, any kinds of media in advance, schedule your posts and then, most importantly, keep track of the outcome. That doesn’t only mean looking at how many likes you get, but analyzing the traffic you generate, the leads you get, and conversions you have. If this, again, sounds a bit too ‘detailed’, it’s time to reach out to us and let us help you!

The New Normal and Media Consumption

How does the new normal influence media consumption per se? Well that’s easy: More more more more more.

We’re seeing more platforms popping up / adjusting (hey Spotify & video content, TikTok, etc), we’re seeing and consuming more content than ever before (short form, long form, you name it) which means the need for faster production increases. Overall the access also needs to be more affordable as if that’s not the case piracy might skyrocket. That doesn’t mean everything needs to be super cheap, but you need to be aware of your target audience and what they can / are willing to afford.

We also see that digital literacy increases as everybody has to use new media (e.g. using the government app in Thailand to apply for government support). The usage of delivery service apps increased during the pandemic, online education became part of the new normal, so did banking and basically everything you can think off. Therefore digital literacy is nothing ‘fancy’ or ‘new’ but, as the headline of this article suggests, ‘the new normal’.

The New Normal and Digital Transformation

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, you got to start your digital transformation now. To be quite frank, if you haven’t thought about it up until now you are already a little late to the dance. We’re pretty good dancing teachers though so if you got any questions in regards to digital transformation (or marketing for that matter), shout out!

Digital transformation basically means that you move processes online that haven’t been done digitally before. That could be a move towards cloud computing or just setting up a website. It could mean moving towards blockchain powered interactions or creating your first social media profiles. There is no one set definition and transformation has different meanings for different people. That’s totally fine. You just need to be aware that transforming is necessary to stay successful. Don’t stop.

Right now, due to Covid-19, everybody and their grandma are digitally transforming, moving online, creating and implementing a digital first approach – but most companies, agencies, consultants don’t seem to look at sustainability when ‘transforming’. Digital Transformation for us here at KITE doesn’t mean to simply set up a website for you, create social profiles, and then leave you on your own – for us it is important to make sure you understand what is happening, to agree with what we are doing, and to learn with us to ensure that once we are done, you can continue to grow on your own. We love being by your side but nothing makes us prouder than seeing someone taking what we ‘taught’ and then starting to do it by themselves. We’re a little bit like parents here and hope to help you guide you onto the right way rather sooner than later 🙂

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  1. Mirin Chotichaicharin

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I think this article was very helpful and it is factual. It is make me know more about the marketing of diversity of companies through the new formal ways.

  2. Thanks for explaining this to me, I now understand more about new normal and business growth during the outbreak. Even how much COVID-19 affecting to the world is, companies still adapt and transform themselves by creating new marketing strategies via digital ways to survive and make more and more profits.

  3. This blog is knowledgeable, it gives me a power of the new normal in many kinds of marketing. This blog makes people that want to success in marketing adapt themselves. It’s indicate the best ways to them.

  4. Phisanu Nanklang

    OMG, This is so helpful guide for us. Nowadays, we have to admit that the new normal is important part of our life. Many of business changes their normal platform to online. This is mean it a competition. This blog remain us of if you do not have any adaptation, you’ll lose.

  5. Noppachat Rom M.

    After I read this blog, it make me realize that everything is change all the time, we have to up-to-date a follow the current situation as the pandemic happen, the store and most of business are closed. So, that why they have to change to be on the online platform to continue their business as many people called “New Normal”. Therefore, this blog is very helpful to guide us to use online platform with the most advantage.

  6. Now we are living in a new normal society that changes everything, be it our life, work or study and especially the business that has to learn about how to adapt their marketing on online platforms. So this article is very helpful for current situations.

  7. Donchanok Piyaram

    This is so useful, I heard many people talking about the new normal in terms of business. This is obvious that we need to take into consideration new digital marketing to attract consumers in this situation.

  8. Thipjutha Trakpiboon

    Wonderful content. It is very appropriate to us after the second round of Covid-19 pandemic. The online business make us feel survive. Even all company face with the epidermic, they change into the online marketing. I know that everyone can adapt to the New Normal.

  9. Thanks to writing this! It’s interesting!. I have heard the word new normal about not to long time ago but I have never think about it in this way. By the way I feel like thank god that digital is new normal because e-commerce make me really happy. It’s work lt’s easy. I don’t have to go to the atm booth or banking just because I want to transfers my money to clothing online shop.

  10. Patcharatorn E.

    This article is very useful! I understand more about the digital new normal because of this article.

  11. Krittaporn Yusutha

    Due to the current covid 19 situation, I have discovered that the world is nothing. Access to online platforms today is very common in society, we can do everything online. Also online marketing is growing rapidly, I am one of the online shoppers who buy everything online during quarantine, and even now we can go out and buy things at the supermarket, but I’m still used to ordering online.

  12. Thank you for this useful information, when I read this article makes me realize that we stuck in Covid-19 era for about 3 years and this is the reason why New Normal happens. We can see how ‘new normal’ arises, for example, we have to change from in-class learning to online class or when we have to go outside we always keep wearing a mask. In addition, before the pandemic happened we mostly had purchased with cash, but during Covid-19 we change into mobile banking payment. It’s more convenient for now but I still hope that we can return to our normal life.

  13. Natthanicha Pongarporn

    It’s very useful!! It has been a while since we’ve been in new normal era.Love this, thank you for cheering me up I hope we’ll dance on Tiktok soon together (just kidding,but that’ sounds fun haha)

  14. The new thing that came with covid-19 is the word “new normal” and I like the way how it works (for some things, mostly I prefer it traditional way). For instance, online shopping is one thing I like. I don’t need to get dressed up to go to siam or department stores to buy goods anymore, I’ll just order it and it came right to me.

  15. Paninee Maneethai

    This article is very interesting. It’s knowledgeable and giving me a lot of knowledge about new normal in various kind of marketing.

  16. This blog so useful and im definitely know about online world and new normal theory in the COVID-19 world; online shopping makes me feel better when I was bored and can’t go to shopping because of quarantine

  17. Due to the pandemic people do social distancing, digital platforms makes me feel more comfortable. For example, watching movie at home.

  18. The article did tell us what’s changing about the technology being involved in our life during the new normal for both education and marketing. The media and digital slowly influence us as we’re using more social media.

  19. The article is giving me new information as always!! It makes me know more about the new normal. However, I can’t believe we are stuck in the pandemic era for so long, can’t wait to have a normal life back!

  20. Netrbidorn Buain

    Thank you for sharing this article! It gives me more understanding on digital, new normal, and how companies adapt themselves within it. Since the pandemic has occurred, we could say that it did affect and change our life a lot but we now learn to live with it efficiently and normally by now.

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