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6 alternative social media platforms to consider

Right now, with all the discussions about Apple vs. Facebook, WhatsApp, and so on, going on it seems to be a good a time as ever to think about some alternatives to those main stream platforms.

1. MeWe

MeWe is an alternative social network focused on user privacy.

MeWe highly touts itself of having a unique plan of action that treats individuals as precious individuals, not information vessels. (We’re taking a gander at you, Facebook!)

Here are five things you might like about it:

  • There are zero advertisements. No irritating supported add-ons, either.
  • Your newsfeed is yours to control. It will not be controlled in any capacity to sell you anything.
  • You get a messaging application simply like Messenger.
  • You don’t have to stress over your own information being offered to huge businesses.
  • It’s as fun and elevating as other web-based media stages, yet this time based on trust and love. – at least that’s what they say.

2. Ello

Ello - a social network for creators.

Ello started out as an online media platforms much the same as Facebook, however without the advertisements, the notorious “like” button, and the dangers to security and privacy.

However, it has since rotated into a Pinterest-like stage for makers and fans keen on workmanship, design, photography, and web culture.

Joining the platform is simple. Basically join with your name and email address, and you’re acceptable to go.

When you go along with, you’re posed a progression of inquiries that are utilized to alter your feed.

What you might like about Ello:

  • Zero promotions and zero security dangers.
  • You can team up with, work with, or even recruit different makers.
  • You don’t need to give your genuine name (a username will do).
  • There’s a huge load of astounding, crude, exceptional manifestations from individuals everywhere on the world.

3. BitChute

Bitchute, an alternative social media network

BitChute’s promise is to “put makers first and furnish them with a help that they can use to prosper and communicate their thoughts freely.”

Put essentially, it’s a video-based web-based media stage much the same as YouTube, just without the filters. You can say anything on BitChute without getting banned. Since its creation in 2017, BitChute has seen its offer of criticism.

Because without the principles, it’s normally pressed with fanatics and disdain comments.

But disregarding these, you can without much of a stretch discover a huge load of fascinating substance on the platform.

There’s news, recent developments, and a large group of themes, for example, movement, business, instruction, planting, wellbeing, and more.

4. Minds

Minds tells users to 'Take back control of your social media"

When you post something on Facebook, a lot of advertisements appear adjacent to it and you don’t get get anything from it. If that’s something you dislike, the idea behind Minds might speak to you.

Created as an enemy of Facebook social stage, Minds is tied in with aiding content makers flourish.

Here’s the manner by which it works:

  • Each time you post, collaborate with another post, or essentially invest energy on Minds, you get a token.
  • You can utilize your tokens to redesign your record or lift your reach.
  • You can likewise take advantage of your tokens in USD or Bitcoin.

Nice idea? Yeah. However not all that glitters is gold though of course as earning money isn’t as easy as it sounds plus there have been a few reports out there questioning who might be behind this whole project.

5. EyeEm

EyeEm, a royalty-free photography site and social media platform

EyeEm is an eminence free photography site that is additionally a web-based media platform. If you’re a picture taker hoping to get openness and market your administrations, it’s an extraordinary spot to be. But EyeEm isn’t just for proficient photographers. It’s likewise a stage where you can make occasions with companions, network with content makers, and gain openness for your brand.

Just like a few other of those alternative platforms EyeEm has also bin in the spotlight for not being clear about who runs it and what exactly happens with your data though.

6. Nextdoor

Try nextdoor as an alternative to your typical social networks.

One thing we love about person to person communication is that it permits us to interface with individuals from anyplace in the world. But to be straightforward, it can get exhausting. With very nearly eight billion individuals on the planet, there’s simply such a lot of going on with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

This is the place where Nextdoor comes in.

Nextdoor is a web-based media stage where you can become more acquainted with your neighbors.

You’ll will associate with users who live around the square whether they’re private clients, nearby organizations, charities, or public agencies.

If you’re an entrepreneur, joining Nextdoor is an incredible method to bring pedestrian activity to your store.

As soon as you join and confirm your location, you’ll quickly be associated with individuals in your neighborhood.

All you need to do is look at their profiles and converse with them on chat!

41 thoughts on “6 alternative social media platforms to consider”

  1. Aunthika Phonpruksa

    Nowadays, there are alternatives mainstream platform which is developed for the user in a benefit way more than Facebook and protect the user from commercial ads or asking for privacy information. I would appreciate it and hope in the future, there is a more useful full online platform than these days.

  2. Thakorn Opatanathakorn (6307640471)

    To be honest, i’ve never heard of these platforms before. However, they seem really interesting and beneficial in terms of exploring new aspects through virtual platforms. I’m quite interested in ELLO, it looks like a safety place in the virtual world, differ from Facebook, which there are plenty of scandals of them invading and exposing users’ privacy without consent. Nowadays, people are so invested in social media platforms, hence along side with seeking for fun, beware of one’s privacy and check the reliability of the platform is essential.

  3. That’s interesting! I’ve never heard about these new platforms maybe because it’s new. Some platform is very interesting it’s like the convert of many applications. The most important some look like to keep my privacy more than the other famous platforms.

  4. Pat Rachatasakorn

    Wow, I never know one of those platforms before. Those platforms are really great; I mostly like ELLO because this platform doesn’t have an advertisements, and also have zero security danger. It’s totally better than Facebook that always invade our privacy. Unfortunately that those platforms are not popular in some countries including Thailand.

  5. Wow, this is so beneficial. Nowadays, Facebook and many application is insecured by sharing our privacy. These new alternative will make you safe. This is so interesting, guy. Mewe and Ello look like Facebook, but it do not have any ads, this so amazing. Those app above will say to mark that “Zuckerberg, Beware!”

    there are many choices or decisions to make nowadays and it enjoyable to use the platform that we can specify the topics that we want to share or find out the others that like the same thing.

  7. Nicha Onpattanasin

    Very interesting new social media platforms this year. Sometimes I am really concern about my privacy on social media as sometimes the ads pops up when I said something without searching anything on my phone. I also see people get exposed on twitter with their real identity when their identity actually is anonymous on twitter. I wonder why that happened. I want to discover more about the application ‘Mewe’ as it is exactly what I’m looking for on social media when I get fed up with ads and question about my privacy security. The application like ‘Ello’ and ‘Eyeem’ are also interesting since I usually use pinterest to search for pictures. I might try these apps, so I may have larger platforms to look up for artworks. I already had an account on ‘minds’, but I got no connections on that application as none of my friends use it. Sometimes, some interesting social media platoforms become useless when people don’t use them ;(

    1. Saruda Trongtrairat

      It was really interesting. I never knew these platforms before. I think these platforms were good as some of popular platforms like Facebook and etc. Which I think that these platforms are good and suitable for many people to use. So if I had a chance, I’d like to try one of these.

  8. Kullanit Yonjaitan

    So cool! These platforms are really new to me! I’ve never heard about any of them before. I love how most of their options are trying to keep the customers privacy by not gathering data from customers and not showing them ads which has been improved from what Facebook can do. Moreover, the EYEEM is quite interesting. I think it’s very useful for people creating art works such as picture takers who don’t know how to show their work’s. Maybe, some of them looking for a job may get it from this platform one day and I’m hopefully looking forward for people to give precedence to the art works much more than now.

  9. Patcharatorn Ekaunnop

    I use many platforms in my daily life but I never knew or heard about the previous platforms before. Some platforms are more effectively than others such as Facebook. If individuals know the ‘ELLO’, I think everyone will use this platform instead of Facebook because there are no advertisements and also have zero security dangers.

  10. I learned a lot of new things from this article! Today, I learn about in the world there are so so many social media that is useful and talented but some people don’t know we had alternative social media platforms. For me, I never use all of these platforms but in the future, I’ll use EYEEM because I think it has benefits such as we can work with other people and also make occasions! Thinking about the moment that I try this app, very awesome!!

  11. Thank you for your information, i’m the one who do love taking photos but ain’t pro! EyeEm is a cool and interesting platform for me. I’ll try it soon!

  12. Pitchaya Jenjirawong

    Some of the names in the list are the one that I have not heard before. I used EyeEm for quite a while, it is great, people can make money off it and the UI is also quite clean. However, it is still not popular. I think it is difficult for these alternatives to be on the same level as those big social media platforms becuase people commonly resist change.

  13. Nice content! I have never heard of these platforms before. I think I would try MeWe since it’s ads-free and my privacy will be protected. I don’t like it when social media platforms trying to persuade me to buy unnecessary things and I value privacy a lot. Also, Ello sounds promising to me because you can work with a lot of people without having to provide too much information about yourself. However, these platforms are still used by small number of people compared to the mainstream ones. I hope they will get more recognition.


    These are such new media platforms that amused me. Some are really creative and interesting and really should be downloaded to replaced whatsapp according to the previous article you wrote “should i delete whatsapp.” Ello is really fascinating to me since it gives me an aesthetic vibe and as stated it turned out to be like Pinterest, and I really love using Pinterest since it contains lot’s of beautiful posts. It also looks like a safe zone since no personal information is needed and that there are no adds which also means no cookies. It can also provide work for people to team up if i understand it correctly hahaha. Just couldn’t wait to try some of these stuffs.

  15. Palace Tawonrungroaj

    These are significant alternative social media platforms, it can suit the need of users such as no advertisement, security, and so on. Moreover, These social media platforms can help entrepreneurs wider their market. However, all these platforms are not popular in many countries, if they can gain more reputation, it will be beneficial for users to use their platform ability.

  16. Raksima Chandrakulsiri

    So interesting! I didn’t know there are so many new social platforms available. All of them are concerned of privacy of the user which i think is very good. Since nowadays, all the giant platforms invade our personal information without telling us. I really glad that there are alternatives platforms of us users to get to know and use them in the future to protect our own privacy

  17. I just found out that there are so many interesting platforms. Although concepts of the platforms look similar to some famous platforms, they’re still interesting because actually these alternative platforms have some unique functions like MINDS that I will get a token for each post and MEWE that I can completely control my feeds no ads

  18. These are great!! I would like to try them..I like the one without the ads because they are annoying. Anyway, I think these social media once can be popular with connections, informations, and influencers.

  19. Tapanun Jitjingjai

    I wouldn’t know all of those platform if I didn’t see this. Try to use a new platform is quite a good thing to do when we get bored of the platform that we always use. All of those are so interesting and really are a good choices to try. I appreciate the one that can protect the privacy information of the user so, I don’t have to concern about my privacy so using the app would be very comfortable.

  20. Tapanun Jitjingjai

    I wouldn’t know all these platforms if I didn’t see this. Try to use new platform is quite a good thing to do when we get bored of the platform we always use. All of those are very interesting and are a really good choices to try. I appreciate the one that I can assured that it won’t reveal my privacy information.

  21. These new social media platform really interesting. These platform solve the problem that other social media platform does in term of privacy policy. If I have a chance I would like to try one of these

  22. Siradar Ounnasiri

    These are really beneficial, since I never know about these new media platform. They are new for me and it sounds so secure, because there are no ads and no spyware which are really safe for people privacy. These are really new good choice for people in this digital age to use to prevent them from danger via social media.

  23. These applications are very benefit for the user because sometime application is not private enough for example security, advertisement, hacker. So, these apps are the answer for who looking for privacy. Also, these apps do not have advertisement in the applications. If I have chance to use some of these apps, it might be good to try a new things.

  24. Cool!!!! I have never known about these applications before. I’ll try those to decrease ads as it makes me bored when scrolling for the interesting information. Also, I glad that they protect the users’ private information.

  25. This article is very useful. I never know about all of those platform before. In the present time, we can try new platform which were more secure than the current application. In addition, Mewe and Ello look like Facebook, but did not have advertisement. I think it’s very amazing and interesting.

  26. I feel like people are overly attached to the idea that in order to sign up for a social media, they need to be use it with people whom they were already friends with. Signing up to a new social media can be a great way to meet and talk to interesting people – not to mention that these new apps are more privacy concerned compared to the big names in the market.

  27. Phetdao Pattanabandit

    Good content !!! I never heard of all that platform before. These new media platforms seem to be interesting and secure. I hope that there will be more good platform that provide privacy and less ad. I hope these platform would be famous one day as they are not regconize as the mainstream. I hope they will get more recognition from people. Good explanation and give clear understanding. Thank you.

  28. Nakamol Khiaojan

    Intriguing information, I am one of the people who use social medias everyday and interested in trends of the world. Apart from mainstream social medias that I use to gain information every day, I feel like these alternatives are also considerably great to see new perspectives from people.

  29. Thipjutha Trakpiboom

    That quiet fascinating, I have never heard before. But it is great because we have choice to choose what we need to consume from those platform. people have more choice to communication to each other.

    1. Thipjutha Trakpiboon

      That quiet fascinating, I have never heard before. But it is great because we have choice to choose what we need to consume from those platform. people have more choice to communication to each other.

  30. Donchanok Piyaram

    This article is so beneficial, these new social media platforms are quite interesting. It does not share personal information like other social media does. This might attract people to use more.

  31. Interesting! I had never heard of these apps before, each one has its ีunique. I’ll try to use one of the apps in it.

  32. Prawravee Suwantawit

    This is fascinating, to be Frank, I have never known all of them before reading this article but there are so many social media platforms in here that I think the feature is interesting and maybe people should try them such as MeWe since they don’t have any ads or other stuff that irritates me.

  33. Such a great article! I have never known about those platforms before, that’s very interesting. That makes people have more choice to use more secure social media. Thank you so much for sharing the beneficial information.

  34. Onwadee Phasero

    In my opinion, this is a new, interesting and exciting social media platform for me to know more about these platforms.

  35. Nowadays , many platforms are built. Most people are stuck with old platforms and are not interested in learning new things but these six platforms in the article are very interesting and useful. Some platforms are worth using these days because they don’t have ads but have privacy and no danger as well.

  36. Nabhopp Chiravadhanookul

    How have I not seen any of these before?!?
    All of these apps have such creative features but the one that really caught my attention was “Minds.” I think the token system is a fantastic idea, it kinda reminds me of games I used to play as a child where we complete tasks and get tokens which we can exchange for other in-game items and buffs. The function appeals to basic human psychological needs.

    Btw I love that you put the two apps with no ads first on the list. Advertisements are so annoying 😛

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