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10 Digital Marketing Tools You Should Have In Your Arsenal

We already discussed how important a tool digital marketing is to have in once arsenal (and how it improves your dating abilities). Now while we are obviously happy to help with all things digital marketing, there are a few cool tools out there that can help every aspiring digital marketer or agency professional with their daily tasks. Let’s have a look at ten of the best:

Portent Title Maker

Let’s be honest, everybody gets stuck at times. You gotta be creative but one reason or the other you just end up staring at your computer screen and nothing usable comes out of it.

Fear not when that writers block hits, the Portent Title Maker has got you covered! Not to be taken too seriously but still with a few fun / good / interesting ideas to at least get you started thinking in the right way.

Usability Hub

One of the few (ok, there are several) pet peeves I got is that I HATE bad usability (and when companies say usability and user experience are the same. THEY ARE NOT!). Usability Hub is a nice resource to get help with design decisions, run tests, and figure out the next steps in your UI process.

App Cues

App Cues is all about conversion and that’s obviously what we all want, right? So if you think your conversion rates could be higher (of course they could) but you’re stuck figuring out where to look or tweak, a look at app cues could be beneficial.

Conversion Voodoo

Sticking with conversion rate optimization (CRO). If you aren’t really familiar with the first few words of this sentence or if you’re not seeing any CRO success, then maybe it’s time for some black magic. Conversion Voodoo claims to have just the right specialists on board to get you going.


Well obviously we also have to mention the OG of all things digital marketing tools. We all used MOZ tools at least at some point, read the forum, and followed the WBFs. If you’re looking for a one stop shop that helps with gathering SEO data, one can’t go wrong with turning to

Five Second Test

“We don’t have time to test” – YES YOU DO!

Five Second Test is the ultimate quick ‘at least try that’ test to get some validation before you launch anything. Do it. Do it. Five Second Test is your go-to source if a quickie is what you desire 😉


Email campaigns still work! Yes, they do! And if you disagree, you’re doing it wrong!

If you’re looking into an ‘easy’ way to set up your email marketing campaigns, implement them into your social hubs, websites, or standalone, mailchimp got your back. They even got tutorials to get you started!


Influencer and advocate marketing is still a thing – as long as you find the right influencers. How do you find the right ones? You use smart tools that help you identify them. Buzzsumo is one of those smart tools that can help you on that journey.


Whenever I give classes on digital marketing I always make sure to mention the importance of delivering experiences. Most of the time students would look at me with disbelief on their faces as we’re in digital marketing and not in Disney World. However no matter if Disney World or your digital marketing campaign – experiences matter. The better the experience, the more likely your target audience will be happy and hence hand over their hard earned cash to purchase more of what you have to offer. So, deliver experiences! VWO claims to be specialized on experiment optimization so if you need some help in that area, this could be an interesting site to check out.


So Sumome has me torn. They make claims like ‘forever free’ etc and yes, that could be the case but of course they do lots of upselling etc once you use their services. Nevertheless some of those services can certainly help increasing your sign-ups, retention, and pimp that email list of yours.

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  1. These digital marketing tools are beneficial for many people including me. I always struggling with the title. Some of these tools might help me solve this problem. Thank you for sharing amazing tools.

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    These ten digital making tools are very helpful for whom who want to create website making, so it might be good for them. Also, in my case I always facing the problem about title, it quite hard to think to has a different and interesting one. These tools will help me solve that problem.

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    Really useful websites to use for digital marketing! There are also a few others worth mentioning for Youtubers like SocialBlade that lets you track your statistics in crazy depths that I don’t even know how they do it. Maybe they teamed up with Youtube or something. But anyways, thanks for the information.

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    This is very useful for people who want to do digital marketing. It explains about how many tools that they must have if you do the digital marketing and explains about tool’s ability.

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  8. Amazing article for people who are interested in digital marketing! In the future, as I’m also interested in digital marketing too, I can come back to this read this article and use these useful tools to help me through my online marketing plan!

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