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How Media Companies Use Agenda Setting To Convince You Of Their Cause

The concept of agenda setting has been popularized in the past few years by social psychologists who offer a theory to explain news coverage. In short, they say that the media set an agenda when they decide what is important and what needs to be addressed. Media companies have been using this technique for years, but it seems that the problem of fake news is making more people aware of their methods. Find out more in this article!

What is agenda setting?

Agenda setting is a communications theory that posits that the media has a profound influence on the priorities of the public. In other words, what the media covers and how they cover it can help shape public opinion on what is important.

For media companies, this means that they can use their coverage to convince the public of their cause. By choosing what stories to cover and how to cover them, media companies can help make their cause seem more important than it might otherwise be.

Of course, agenda setting is not always used for positive ends. Media companies may also use it to push a agendas that are harmful or misleading. It is up to each individual to consume media critically and be aware of the ways in which agenda setting can be used.

How agenda setting is used in media companies

There’s no doubt that media companies have a lot of power when it comes to setting the agenda. They can often convince us of their cause, simply by controlling the flow of information.

In many cases, media companies will choose to focus on certain topics or issues, while ignoring others. This allows them to control the public discourse and shape our opinions on important matters.

Of course, this isn’t always a bad thing. Media companies can help raise awareness about important issues and shine a spotlight on important stories that might otherwise be overlooked.

However, we should be aware of how media companies use agenda setting to influence our opinions. We should question what we’re being told and make sure we’re getting the full story. Otherwise, we might end up being convinced of something that’s not necessarily true.

Why agenda setting is important to media companies

Agenda setting is a tool that media companies use to influence public opinion. By controlling the news agenda, media companies can shape what people think about and care about. This is why agenda setting is so important to media companies.

Media companies use agenda setting to convince you of their cause by controlling the news agenda. They decide what stories are worth your attention and how much coverage they will get. This allows them to control the narrative and spin the story in their favor.

If a media company is pushing a particular agenda, they will make sure that their stories are given more coverage than others. This way, they can influence what people think about and get them on board with their cause.

So next time you’re wondering why a certain story is getting so much coverage, ask yourself if the media company might be trying to convince you of something.

How agenda setting relates to other concepts such as priming and framing

In order to understand how media companies use agenda setting to convince you of their cause, it is first important to understand how agenda setting relates to other concepts such as priming and framing.

Priming refers to the idea that people are more likely to believe something if they have heard it before. This is why media companies often repeat their message over and over again. They want to make sure that people are familiar with their message so that they are more likely to believe it.

Framing refers to the way in which a message is presented. Media companies often frame their message in a way that is favorable to their cause. For example, they might present their cause as the only reasonable option or as the only way to solve a problem.

Media companies use these concepts, among others, to convince you of their cause. By repeating their message and presenting it in a favorable light, they hope to persuade you to support their cause.


In conclusion, it’s important to be aware of how media companies use agenda setting to convince you of their cause. This technique is used to manipulate public opinion and can have a profound impact on the way people think about certain issues. The next time you consume news or media, take a step back and consider whether or not the content is trying to set an agenda.

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