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12 habits to adopt to improve professionally in 2020

As we are turning over yet another new leaf we probably all made New Years resolutions that are supposed to make us, and our lives, better and that is obviously a good thing. No matter what the occasion, improving oneself is always a good idea. We collected the most promising habits to adopt in order to start the new decade with a refreshed and inspired mindset. Let’s have a look!

1. Innovation and creativity

The first point on our list is, obviously, important in all aspects of life. From a professional point of view however it is a must have these days in order to stand out, and not only reach the top – but also stay there. Don’t just be ok with what you have, strive to find new innovative solutions and creative approaches to distance yourself from the rest. Should you feel like needing some assistance in implementing such a mindset into your every day business, don’t hesitate to contact us and feel free check out our creativity and communication course.

2. Constant improvement

This goes hand in hand with the previous point. While striving to innovate and be creative you obviously also have to understand that it is not only others that need constant improvement but that you yourself also should be lookin in how to constantly improve. This could be via obtaining new skills (via our courses for example 😉 ), taking language lessons, learning to code, listening to Neil deGrasse Tyson on Masterclass, and many other educational activities that will add directly and indirectly to your professional success.

3. Time Management

Such an old school thing to add, isn’t it? However in a time where distraction is everywhere it is more crucial than ever to being able to make reasonable plans, stick to them, and make the most out of ones times and not just – oh look at that cute cat video!

4. Open mindedness

All of the aspects mentioned above become void if you don’t practice this one habit over and over again. Keep an open mind. When reading this you probably say ‘Hey, I am open minded!’ We all say that, but if you are being honest, are you really ALWAYS open minded? Many times we do have our own opinions based on what we heard, knew, liked, etc before which leads to be biased and, well, not open minded. Actual open mindedness, looking for the ‘objective truth’ (hat tip to Neil deGrasse Tyson), can hurt our own ego, but definitely improve us, and the bottom line of our business.

5. Learning

If you check all the above boxes, you, eventually, end up here. Learning. Learning never stops and, if you do it with an open mind, will lead to improvement. Learning can be done actively by taking classes, workshops, etc (we’re here for you) or passively by listening to podcasts, masterclasses, or subscribing to us 😉 Life long learning is a thing – and making it a habit will definitely benefit you.

6. Complex problem solving

Problems in 2020 aren’t one dimensional anymore. One dimensional problems are so 1990 and we don’t even take them serious anymore as we usually just google answers to such straight forward problems. Hence it is crucial that we understand how to solve complex problems. Problems that consists of several variables and aren’t solvable with a quick wikipedia search and the following of a checklist. If we manage to solve such problems faster, better, and differently than others, we can set ourselves apart from the pack. If that sounds interesting to you, check out our entrepreneurial mindset course as that is what we will focus on there.

7. People management

Due to the increasing complexity of problems in life and work it is quite likely that we won’t be solving all the problems by ourselves but as part of a team – probably even as part of several teams. Hence it is from utmost importance to being able to understand and manage people. Being that teammates, superiors, employees, or clients. The skills to understand and react to a different kind of people appropriately needs to be honed and we would be happy to help you with exactly that.

8. Emotional intelligence

EQ has been a buzz term for a quite a while now but it has never been as crucial to have as it is now. Building on the people skills part the best way to understand people you work and interact with is via building emotional intelligence so you will be able to understand others without them having to explain their behavior. You understand the situations others are in and hence can comprehend why they act in the way they do. Ideally you will be able to make predictions based on your EQ with will make working in a team even easier.

9. Judgement and decision making

As stated before we are shown an overwhelming amount of distraction on a daily basis and even if we try to focus on a task at hand we will see lots of different choices that will make it almost impossible to make a quick decision. Just imagine the last time you tried to decide on what to eat when looking at foodpanda. Took forever, right? If this now becomes part of your daily, professional, life, this could mean we could lose actual money. Therefore we need to be able to make decisions. In order to do so we need to improve our judgement capabilities. How to do that? We already talked about that! Be open minded, look for the objective truth, don’t let bias influence your judgement!

10. Service orientation

Who’s the most important person in your company? The customer or client, right. Service orientation should be a no brainer by now. This doesn’t mean that you have to kiss a$$ of your client though – it means think about what they want and how to give it to them in the best way possible. This, by the way, also means that you think about how to serve your employees in the best way possible in order to enable them to do their work in the best possible way. It is all about understanding the problems a team is facing and then solving those problems service oriented. Design Thinking could be the way to go here – if you want to know more about that, you know what to do. Check out our Design Thinking course!

11. Cognitive flexibility

With everything we mentioned above has become clear that in 2020 we can not just focus on one idea, problem, solution, approach, and so on. It is important to switch between different approaches, being able to see different ways to success, and to entertain diverse thoughts and solution ideas. This is what we call cognitive flexibility – the ability to switch between those different trains of thought – not being on a one way street, but being open for new ways of getting things done – and to come up with those new ways by yourself thanks to your cognitive flexibility and the ability to entertain a wide array of thoughts.

12. Critical thinking

We heard that in school, in uni, and at work. Critical thinking is something that everybody seems to value, yet when we actually do it, we seem to be on the edge / outcasts that don’t follow the mainstream. Don’t be afraid of being not part of the mainstream though as the edge of what people consider as ‘normal’ is where we can push boundaries and find new solutions to problems that might not have been solved yet. Part of critical thinking is, by the way, also not always trusting lists you found on the internet.

Which are habits that you will be trying to implement in the new decade?

4 thoughts on “12 habits to adopt to improve professionally in 2020”

  1. This article is so good, it reminds me that we must have all habit above because it so important in this period. All work, job and society needs people like this to work with them. I will improve myself to have all of them, not much but needed.

  2. Thipjutha Trakpiboon

    Thank for information. Because it make me more productive to learn new thing to improve my skill. Because nowadays, people lack most of those habits, so their capability is less than potential that they can really do.

  3. Borvorn Suradom

    Thanks for suggestions. They are things that we necessary to have if we want to be a professional and I will improve myself followed by this article.

  4. Thanks for writing this article! These suggestions really useful and remind me about new decade is starting! Im prove one self always good idea!

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