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At each stage, marketers adjust their marketing campaigns to help customers move from one phase to the next. As advertisers today work with the AIDA model, they should be aware that it is a phase model and does not represent every single aspect of the buying process, but rather the impact of advertising on the process.

Elias St. Elmo Lewis is considered a pioneer of the scientifically based methods and techniques of advertising and the sales process. His work is so important because he was the first to present a model of the sales process phase that laid the foundation for modern advertising.

The AIDA model is designed to give advertisers a clear framework to attract potential customers “interest in a sale. It’s a great marketing tool that helps customers make advertising decisions at different stages of the decision-making process. Prior to the launch, Tacosonwheel owners used the AIDA marketing funnel model to create a marketing plan that included tactics for each stage of the model.

The AIDA model helps companies prioritize marketing activities and communications based on the different touch points that potential customers know about the brand. It helps differentiate attention, interest and will to act and creates a more effective journey for potential customers with repeatable processes. AIDA model can be used as a communication model to determine at each stage of the process how to communicate best with potential customers.

With a proven, step-by-step process to optimize your marketing, you can plan your customized and targeted communication campaigns right from the start. This process is called a communication model or decision model and describes how companies communicate with each level of consumers via different platforms, engage at different touchpoints and require different information from different sources at each stage. Think about the marketing channels and platforms you use to get involved – i.e.

A case study in our Marketing Model Guide shows how the award-winning hairdressing company Francesco Group used this model to launch its new salon. The AIDA model has been hailed as the medium formula for advertising and messaging in the marketing sector to encourage potential customers to buy a product or service. Hierarchical models dominate advertising theory [4], and the hierarchical model of AIDA (AIDA) is one that is widely applied.

In essence, the AIDA model stipulates that an advertising message must fulfil a number of tasks to move the consumer from brand awareness to action, purchase and consumption through a series of successive steps. In marketing, it belongs to a class of models known as hierarchical effect models or hierarchical models, which imply that the consumer moves through a number of stages before making a purchase decision. A hierarchical effect model is one that identifies the series of steps or stages that consumers are expected to go through before making a purchase decision.

The AIDA model is a century-old model that was developed during the golden age of advertising and seeks to reflect the different cognitive and behavioral tasks that advertising (or marketing communication) must perform to achieve its goal of getting consumers to choose your brand. Many marketers have found the AIDA model, which follows the path of the customer from awareness to interest to desired action, extremely useful, and we can use it in planning our marketing communication strategies. The AIDA model is used in marketing and advertising to describe the steps and stages that occur from the first moment a consumer perceives a product or brand to the actual moment of purchase.

The AIDA model is a marketing model to describe the steps a customer goes through when he buys a product. It tracks the customer journey through awareness, interest, desire and action and identifies the cognitive stages where a person goes through the purchase process for a product or service. AIDA model which stands for attention, interest, desire and action model is an advertising impact model that identifies the phases that individuals go through during the purchasing process of a product. COGS is a measure of the direct costs incurred in the manufacture of goods and services.

The model represents the cognitive stages a customer goes through during the service or product purchase process. The four steps copywriters use in their ad campaigning to get consumers to buy a product are the attention factor, the interest element, the desire element and the action element known as AIDA. The Effects Model (AIDA) follows the entire customer journey through the marketing funnel through the above-mentioned stages of interest, attention, desire and action.

The AIDA model allows organizations to focus their efforts and to optimize their marketing activities based on the customer journey. “AIDA is here to help organizations optimize their marketing activities based on customer trips.

Many marketers work with the AIDCAS model to optimize sales processes and advertising. The AIDA model can be used for digital marketing and sales strategies. Knocking on doors is a lead generation strategy that is used by banks and consultants to secure business prospects through PR campaigns. AIDA’s model can also be used in PR plans to analyze the effectiveness of PR campaigns and provide valuable information and analysis for advertising messages.

The AIDA model starts with attention: Marketing communication must attract attention and sensitize prospective customers for your product or service, so that they are successful. Focus on what is relevant to your target market in terms of your products or services and give consumers the most important message you want to get across. Here are the four steps you need to take with your audience if you want them to buy your product, visit your website and consider the messages in your reports.


  • Phurich Pongteerapol says:

    I Think If we have knowledge about The AIDA in marketing. It should give us a chance to succeed in selling or project more and once they understand this, they will make a marketing plan. Easier because they understand who to sell to and Who are their customers.

  • Phurich Pongteerapol says:

    I Think If they have knowledge about The AIDA in marketing. It should give us a chance to succeed in selling or project more and once they understand this, they will make a marketing plan. Easier because they understand who to sell to and Who are their customers. (revised edition)

  • Nabhopp Chiravadhanookul says:

    Thanks for the information! I’ve never heard of the AIDA model before but after reading the basics I understand the marketing process a lot better. Selling a products isn’t just pitch to buy, it’s actually slowly inching the customers’ level of interest until they decide to buy the product. Now when I look back at different advertisements, I can see different levels of customers each company is trying to attract. I’ll definitely keep this model in mind for future projects about advertisements.

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