social media isn't easy

Social Media isn’t easy!

Researchers studied a group of 143 Penn students who use baseline monitoring, attributing each group a limit of 10 minutes per day for Facebook and Instagram use on each platform and telling all to use social media for three weeks less often than usual.

When researchers see how much time people spend on social media, they look at whether they are anxious or depressed. They look to see if the same people who scroll Facebook every day are also people who are anxious and depressed. A German study that followed 514 people for a year found that the more depressed and anxious social media users were, the more likely they were to follow other users and envy others’ lives.

There are 3.8 billion people using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There are so many accounts to follow and so many people to post new content that it’s almost impossible to keep up with them. Demographics are also changing, with many users, especially younger people, using social media less.

The benefits of the social media revolution are so extensive and profound – bringing together friends and family, democratizing the flow of information, empowering voices that have not been heard before – including the protests in this year over the murder of George Floyd – that we take them for granted. But the simple truth is that social media is not the first communication technology to take the planet by storm, inspire people with its potential applications, and change and undermine relationships, politics, and knowledge in ways that were never intended.

Brands are constantly experimenting with new ways to connect with their followers. One could argue that every new medium of communication follows exactly this path. Let’s take a quick look at how retailers spread their social presence across multiple platforms, leveraging the strengths and best practices of each channel.

Whether digital or personal, social followers are a signal to potential companies and brands of all shapes and sizes. If your followers like your social media content, they might be interested enough in you to go to your site and learn more about your business, which means more web traffic and more revenue for you. Photos and videos of your customers using your products and services make for great social media content because they show your potential customers they are real people who like what you have to offer.

For example, we’re adding # bufferlove to our Instagram biography so people know they can add it to posts about our brand. You can also create special hashtags that your followers can use if they have questions or complaints to make sure they are seen by the right people. Use prompts and beginners to encourage people to interact with your posts.

At the end of the day, whatever video platform you post to, the only thing that matters is getting “attention from your customers and getting them to engage with your content. Great content and a great promotional strategy don’t make the most of your time. You must strive to promote content in the right way.

Now that we’ve realized that you have to write great content to get people to share it. Use your content every day to get people to follow your social media more than in the past. The most important element is that you set something up to make sure people see and share what you create.

If you are a social entrepreneur, having access to the right tools can make your work a lot easier. Social algorithms are cracking down on advertising and organic posts, and ads allow retailers to reach out to customers without running the risk of spamming them. With tools like Sprout Social, brands can execute and monitor their campaign numbers to win more customers.

With more than 336 million monthly active users, your company should be able to find your niche on Facebook. It doesn’t cost you anything to set up a Facebook page or Twitter account. The best social network for your brand is one you’ve probably never heard of.

Using a Facebook page can be invaluable for small businesses. For example, you can share media on your social networks and collect likes and comments, which is another form of social networking.

All major social networks allow you to share video content and direct videos with platform-specific video options such as IGTV, Reel and Instagram. Instagram is a visual platform based on photos and videos posted daily, so it’s good for companies with strong visual content to share them.

Sprout can help with content promotion strategies on both platforms, but social planning doesn’t allow you to tick content at all times, so your promotion should be based on optimal engagement.

Integrating user-generated content (UGC) – content produced by fans and customers – into your social media marketing strategy is a great way to build community. This can be done by establishing and sharing creative content on Instagram, writing thoughtful blog posts on LinkedIn or by highlighting new perspectives in tweets. Paying groups and various ad-supported vehicle occupants on most social media can increase the dissemination of your content to attract an audience.

Followers see someone who is happy and live it out with their posts on social media in a way that makes them seem boring and inadequate in comparison, but the truth is that users have the power to control which parts they want to spread on social media and to manipulate their own self-image.

41 thoughts on “Social Media isn’t easy!”

  1. Warisara Kaewduang

    People become more convenient in various ways as a result of the many advantages of using social media as a medium, including keeping in touch with friends and family, political communication, finding brands’ target audiences, starting businesses, the ability to share words and visuals contents, and empowering communities. However, a plenty of disadvantages are also risen so far. The study has shown that those who use social media platforms are more likely to feel nervous and depressed. It is because people might generate a feeling of comparison when see someone who has fulfilled live. From my own experience, I sometimes noticed that I compared myself to several Instagram beauties. It affects me to become less self-assured. Since realizing this on my own, I have discovered that users could choose whatever aspects of themselves they want to post on social media and modify their own self-image. Therefore, I believe that we should be more socially conscious on social media in order to have your satisfying life!

  2. Helenna Sa-ngaunsattaya

    Thank you for sharing this article. I totally agree that using social media is hard sometime. Spoken as a person who grew up with social media, it was hard to understand that everything on the media that you’ve seen was the things that the people already wanted you to see not all of their lives at first. Even though, social media isn’t easy, it allows us to reach the right target or information we want. Social media for me is like a no boarder limited places for people, who have the same interests or hobbies, to share their thoughts. In my opinion, using social media can be as advantageous as it can be dangerous as there is no longer gatekeeping on most of the internet.

  3. Napapon Padhanarath

    Thanks for sharing this information
    Nowadays , social media is very powerful because ,based on this blog, it could give anxiousness and depression to some people who look others lifestyles. It could entertain us sometime but actually they’re also keeping some information by looking who like and comment on the post. Social media could also be as a marketing tool to sell some product and everything too so in my opinion since social media has a lot of impact on us, we have to use it carefully by not only looking at others life to get some jealousy or attack others by comment a bad thing in social media. So viewer discretion required for people who want to use it.

  4. Though 2020 to 2022, this blog is quite beneficial to everyone. The social impacts of the pandemic have a wide range of consequences for us. Many individuals all over the world use social media for a variety of purposes, including communication, benefit, news, and entertainment. So, one thing we must recognize is privacy, because we must safeguard our personal data in order to avoid being duped by fake news that may lead us down the wrong path. As a result, this blog is extremely valuable for regular people to be more cautious when using social media, as well as for those who operate in this industry.

  5. Putthida Watchiranawin

    Nowadays, social media has become an effective tool to promote goods or communicate with others. Social media has many platforms and features so we must post something that interesting enough to grab people attention that will make many benefits to us. Moreover, social media is also a space to share or follow many things that happen in our world.

  6. Panita Peerapongpipath

    This information is truly interesting and useful for doing online business. I like the way you explain how to gain benefits from creating content on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. I totally agree that, nowadays, social media is the main platform to do a lot of things, such as publicizing news, selling stuff, doing businesses, and educating people. For doing businesses, brands can originate lots of content on social media platforms, and they can also choose what content they want to share and what is unwanted. Thus, there is a golden opportunity to display only the contents that are beneficial for their businesses. However, the coin has two sides. If the contents can be chosen to be shown in public, it means that the negative aspect will not be shown. Therefore, the customers might only acknowledge the good things about the brand but not know about the other bad things. Purchasers should consider many factors before making a decision to pay for the products. To conclude, social media is a nice option to grow businesses if it is used in the right way. Lastly, Thank you so much for an interesting blog.

  7. I agree that in order to use social media for the highest benefits of a brand, they need to engage with their followers by posting contents about their brand and coming up with an interesting activity so that people will follow them and help spreading the activity and the brand will get free promotion.

  8. Patnita Ongvasith

    People all around the world use the social media for do the things such as chatting, selling, searching, buying etc. It is very important to know what the information that will be effect and influence others to interest. That is why we have to know and learn about media marketing to achieve our goal and put on the market.

  9. Really love this post!! This knowledge is really important to disseminate awareness to people in my generation because we have to utilize social media every day to keep up with what’s going on, which has both advantages and disadvantages. I believe it is helpful to understand that the benefits of the social media revolution are so numerous and profound that we may use them in a more positive and constructive manner. Since social media is so important nowadays, using it as a marketing tool to attract clients is a good idea.

  10. Nowadays people can access easily social media and every platform. Social media can help people in many ways like selling stuff or sharing something or whatever but some kinds of people like to use social media to hurt people physically and also mentally, for example, in the K-pop industry, if someone makes a mistake, certain fan groups will start to hate speech and severely insult the artist by posting messages in social media. It directly affects that artist in a very psychological way. In the end, he had to sacrifice his life for a group of people who misused social media.

    1. So, which the use of social media to be effective, it must come from ourselves that need to understand so that what we type or share will not affect to others.

  11. Jiratchaya Jumponkunawut

    In my opinion, the social network will have advantages or disadvantages depending on the way that people use it and what they focus on. According to the information that you are showing, social media has so much benefit on the business so it would be a pity if we didn’t take advantage because of fear about the bad consequences of using social media. Social media is really not easy.

  12. Nanyathorn Khiansanthia

    In this generation, social media has much power over our life that people spend a lot of time with, and it is very easy to access which a lot of people use social media. It also has a positive effect on brands to promote, create content, or contact a customer. Not only the brands get the benefits but also the customer to find information to make decisions. On the other hand, it also has a disadvantage if we do not know how to use it properly as you mentioned it has someone was anxious or depressed from social media. However, thank you very much for sharing this information.

  13. Dalika jongyingsiri

    Social media has became a place that people mostly started to make them the most beneficial, especially, create a job by using the social media’s platform to promote their own product and they do not have to have a real shop, so that can decrease their cost.

  14. Thank you for sharing!! I strongly agree that social media empowering people life. Nowadays, people use social media in everyday life and everyone can get access to it. So social media has influence us in many ways which can lead to the advantage and disadvantage. I think it’s really important for user to have awareness to use social media as a public spaces that everyone should respect.

  15. Paninee Maneethai

    I appreciate how you define banding across social networks in the post, and I completely agree that in order to use social media for a brand’s maximum effect, they must interact with their followers.

  16. Keeratiya Amornpiyapong

    In this present day, most of people use social media to communicate to other people and receive an information or news. Social media impact every people in different ways. In my opinion, I think social media give a lot of good things and make us more convenient but social media have many disadvantages that someone didn’t know. So, this blog is very useful for making people more awareness.

  17. Because it is more difficult to achieve outcomes today than in the past, social media necessitates the development of specific talents due to its extreme popularity and effectiveness. Social advertising is a very profitable technique for lead generation, but the talents required to succeed are unique and uncommon due to the expanding complexities.

  18. Pantari Sirisachadecha

    Social Media in this era has created a big impact towards all generations. We used it because it is more convenient and fast to update or send message and call each other. It is very effective in creating new businesses on different platform, but it has it pros and also its cons. It also has its disadvantage and one big problem of it is it destroys people’s mental health so if anyone is going through it we shall give them a hand to help out.

  19. Chanchanok Teejaisakul

    Thanks for sharing! Personally, people use social media to communicate for chatting, selling, searching. Also, it have an advantages and disadvantages to receive and information and easily to get access to other people’s life. Even though, it has a lot of cons too, some people used and got the effect from social, for example, toxic or feel bad when they saw other people’s life.

  20. Panthapin Miteja

    Thank you for writing this article ! I’ve always believe that people who use media more frequently is more anxious , such as people became more struggle with self-image from using Instagram as we can’t stop comparing ourselves to other people, and people on the media only shows their good sides . Including marketing and branding wanting to gain engages always causes stress , especially when we’re disappointed because the engages are below the expectations. Dealing with social media is not easy.

  21. Ravikarn Suksiri

    Thanks a million for sharing. Personally, Social media can ease our life in many ways, such as more information, effective advertising channel, and entertainment. On the other hand, it can harm the media user too. It causes anxiety and depression if we consume too much content on social media, for example, the FOMO, fear of missing out, which is the description when people can’t take a break from the social media which lead to addiction and obsession. Furthermore, it will affect the media user in long-term health for being on screentime all day.

  22. Thank you for the information! Social media does give us a lot of opportunities, To get to know more people and to share our thoughts or things about you. Social marketing strategy is surely convenient and easily spread which people get to know about your business whether your business is an online shop or not, but as the information that it’s not easy to stay in the social media that long without experiencing disadvantages. Since many people are able to see your post on social media surely there are going to be many types of comments and thoughts.

  23. Preeyaphat Vimolphatthanatham

    Thank you for sharing! I absolutely agree that social media plays an important role in people’s lives nowadays. Specifically, the way we interpret things comes not only from real-life experiences, but also from what our timeline feeds us on a daily basis. It is good, in my opinion, to recognize and exchange different cultures; however, it can take control of us without our awareness.

  24. Phurich Pongteerapol

    Today, social media has a huge impact to everyone such as children, elderly and, adults. They almost using social media to communicate with each other. With social media, everyone can do whatever they want, whether it’s writing news, making videos, watching movies, listening to music, watching news, or studying, but there is some information that is revealed on social media. That media is bad and unreliable. And this is one of the reasons why social Media isn’t easy! because there is no way to believe 100% that all information in social media is true.

  25. Nabhopp Chiravadhanookul

    It’s really sad how so many people sit and stare at their screens for hours envying others. While “others” are just showing the best part of their equally depressing lives. Social media can be EXTREMELY powerful when used correctly. We have to educate ourselves and be aware of the power social media has over us. We can either be one of those people who are scrolling through social media with sadness and jealousy, or be a creator who utilizes the power of social media to create impactful posts that can benefit us. The choice really is ours.

  26. Piraya Punyataweroj

    Social media has now become a part of our lives and we should truly take full advantage of it whether it is in terms of business, education, or any other aspects. Although we should also be aware that sometimes the dark sides of it may not be portrayed to the audience. Thus, we should constantly be mindful of the pros and cons of social media use.

  27. Pizhamon Watanasirichaikul

    For people in this era Everyone uses social media as a medium of communication, doing business, and more. The highlight during this covid era is the group of online merchants and the use of various platforms to help promote various events which is good because it is more convenient and disease free. Although it can’t cover cheating, social media is still the main platform around the world.

  28. Yathip Treethammarak

    This article give me a lot of things to think of ,and made people be more aware about the social media because nowadays social media is very important and it spread widely and quickly.

  29. Siraphop Suwansri

    Great information!!!! I totally agree with your idea that social media has 2 ways which are positive and negative way that’s why I have to be a mindful one when I want to post something in social media.

  30. Pantapat Siriwatana

    Social media is such a double edge swords that can either benefits you or harm you. I agree with the statement in this article that we as a consumer has a choice in term of how we control our social media usage, so that it doesn’t end up hurting us.

  31. I couldn’t agree more about this article. It is hard to understand all the social media platforms because the different platforms have different functions. I also agree about using hashtags is the place to make sure they are seen by right people for example, hashtags on tweeter, people who have the same interest to share their opinion. In my opinion, social media is the platform to share your ideas or content but you should have awareness while using the social media!

  32. Sirothorn Yaneeteeraka

    I think social media these days are not easy, like there are many threats and cons if users lack discretion. Social media also create many advantages as well in facilitating our daily life.

  33. Firstly, I think that using social media is so easy and make us connect with others easily, but now I think that in social networks not only has a pros but it also has a cons. It affects to everyone, so people should more concern about social networks.👏🏻👏🏻

  34. Sirapob Tangtanawuttikul

    Thank you for sharing this data. People nowadays have easy access to social media and other platforms. As a result, we must post something fascinating enough to attract people’s attention and provide us with numerous rewards. And the Covid epidemic is at its peak at this moment. As a result, social media is extremely vital and beneficial to everyone.

  35. Natthanicha Pongarporn

    Actually,social media became one part of our life by an accident.We didn’t realize about it until we have to scroll the Facebook feeds every time,checking Instagram everyday,updating the news from Tiktok whenever we’re free and other platforms that we are accustomed to without knowing.Social media has made a lot of good things to our life such as good relationships,convenient life,reputation and also knowledge.But,in the other hand,it also brings about stress,anxiety and a lot of mental breakdown situations.Therefore,play consciously,don’t let it play us.

  36. Engkawat Jitareethep

    Wonderful article! Actually, social media sometimes can be advantages and disadvantages to our life. It’s help user connect with everyone worldwide from every part of the world but sometimes it brings you depression and stress along with some people with different perspective and mindset.

  37. Tanakrit Tipayaphan

    It maybe hard for some target people knowledge aren’t equal and demand to use is different in every age some think its hard to access but in teen that use the most it can develop for us

  38. Siwapach Tortanachotiwat

    Good article, I agree with you. This makes me stressed a little bit, but I love it. It might help me use it more appriorpriately.

  39. Thanasilp Sawaengphan

    I agree with this article. Social media really is double-edged it helps user connects with others but it can also hurt others’ mental health at the same time.

  40. Thank you for this article , I agree that social media isn’t easy . It has both pro and cons . Also , some consequences is not just a minor problem , some can effect our mental health and our lives and it is inevitable. We need to be more conscious on playing social media .

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