JM466 2022 Pre-Work

Hi everyone!

First of all I appreciate your interest in JM466. Just to explain why there’s a cap: We will work on actual projects, work together with actual clients/companies, organize actual real events, and so on – all of it is quite planned through so that’s why there’s only a certain amount of seats available. Having that said I do understand that this course fits with lots of students’ interests so we might be able to add a few more seats (emphasis on FEW) and to make sure those FEW seats go to those who really want / would benefit from attending this class there’s a little pre-work to be done. Nothing you’re not familiar with.

If you have taken my classes before you probably already know where this is going.

Exactly. It’s going onto 🙂 (you should all have accounts)

I would like to see an article (you decide how long) on ‘Digital Strategies and their impact on Thailand 4.0’ – feel free to use different headlines, be more specific, use a certain topic (digital marketing, transformation, blockchain, etc.) as example – I would simply like to see that you thought about why digital strategies matter and how those could impact our society.


You could review a book on the matter (e.g. Digital Marketing by Chaffey – but now you can’t take that one) and explain what your chosen book is about and how it relates to the topic and what we can learn from it.

Deadline: Friday, July 15, 23.59 -> to be submitted via MS Teams DM.

Thank you again for your interest and I’m looking forward to your submissions!

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