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TikTok was the last to take down a video of a suicide after it went viral on the app. Feroza Aziz, a 17-year-old girl from New Jersey, accused TikTok of censoring post on the request of the Chinese government.

The US government has threatened to ban TikTok because of threats to data security and national security concerns. The Transportation Security Administration and the United States. Army have banned the TikTok and Chinese social media app WeChat from employee phones. TikTok has tried to discourage users from posting political content, and in September issued a ban on paid political content.

Many people and organizations, including the US government and companies like Wells Fargo, are concerned that China-based TikToks parent company ByteDance could use the app to spy on users in other countries. However, research on TikTok has shown that its privacy policies and data collection practices are not as bad as those of other social media apps, and concerns about espionage are exaggerated.

Experts and app users are urging TikTok to face up to its criticism as it expands its Australian business, cementing its attempt to expand its user base. Niels Wouters is concerned that TikTok distorts people’s view of the world. For Manning Schaffel, the main point of the app is that, like many apps, it can turn out to be a time-waster.

Baca agrees that the iPhone limits her daughters’ screen time to 30 minutes during the school day and one hour on weekends. The app allows you to limit screen time to up to 40 minutes or up to two hours.

Like most proprietary social networks, TikTok collects user data and information. In recent weeks, reports have surfaced suggesting that TikTok is actually Chinese spyware that steals data from “devices” of users and sends it to China. Members of the online tech community on Reddit and other platforms also believe the platform collects user data.

Apple researchers recently announced that TikTok was spying on users. Earlier this year, cyber bullies from market leader Check Point warned of serious risks in the way TikTok notifies its users. With a Chinese company taking over TikTok and thousands of parents complaining, Jordan says TikTok has stepped up efforts to improve the app’s privacy and security.

When TikTok users were notified of the Four Corners hack, they reported a viral video of a man taking his own life, but the video did not violate the app community’s guidelines.

The main concern surrounding TikTok is its ties to the Chinese government and the security and surveillance fears that accompany it. Concerns about censorship on the app surfaced last November after Feroza Aziz posted a political video disguised as a makeup tutorial on the app. Parents of young TikTok users should be worried about the app in light of recent news.

Chinese tech giant ByteDance TikTok launched on Apple devices in 2017 after the popular six-second video app Vine was shut down in the US in 2016 after struggling to make money.

With over 100 million users in the US alone, the TikTok app has innovative video editing features, viral dances and celebrity cameos that have made it extremely popular. Unlike the popular US-based six-second video app Vine, YouTube users flocked to TikTok, and its popularity exploded in 2018 and 2019. Google users were already interested in TikTok shortly after its launch, as their search behavior shows.

While much of the TikTok app is harmless fun, there are real concerns that children are using it. User like to respond to videos, follow accounts and send messages to each other, and there is a danger that strangers will be able to connect via the app to children. As with any app, it’s important for parents to monitor what their children share with others.

As for the type of data TikTok collects, most social media companies are likely to collect the same types of information from TikTok users. It appears that data collection on TikTok extends beyond other social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The first concern of many users, especially the parents of young users of the app, is the way data is stored and shared.

The data collected by TikTok appear at least superficially harmless: TikTok is a social media platform for sharing videos. The vast majority of TikTok users do not have sensitive material of international interest on their phones.

If in doubt, take the time to read the apps “new US privacy policies. TikTok’s pursuit of data collection is not limited to collecting your preferences and tracking the types of content you want to share on the app. Read more here about how TikTok intends to collect biometric identifiers and biometric information.

This enables TikTok to link data from user profiles more specifically. One way hackers exploit TikTok is to send users text messages that allow them to access their accounts. This allows cybercriminals to manipulate user feeds and spread unwanted content that can be misleading and disturbing, especially to young TikTok users.

This takes advantage of the fact that TikTok uses an insecure HTTP connection instead of the more secure HTTPS option to deliver videos. Companies respond to this problem to ban Eating Disorder hashtags so that users cannot search for videos on Eating Disorders.


  • Jiratchaya Jumponkunawut says:

    I have heard a lot of rumors about Tiktok that the Chinese government is using this app to collect data from users around the world but it does not really have the evidence that their government really did that. However, sometimes I do suspect that maybe that rumor is the fact too. Last year, Tiktok had one campaign that would give money to the user if they invited their friend to join Tiktok even if they are really giving the users money but it is really dangerous to connect your bank account to the social media app.

  • Nabhopp BJM says:

    Yikes.. this is scary. The fact that inappropriate content are uncensored despite the majority of users being kids and teens is pretty alarming. On top of that, the app collects users’ personal data which can be hacked, leak, or even used in frauds. It’s sad that many people don’t know about this. Even if they do, I bet they won’t stop using it anyways.

  • Onarin Udompholvanich says:

    thank you for these useful information!! now, i knew that tiktok was not only provide us a positive impacts.

  • Kitipat Yurasri says:

    From my perspective, the way Tiktok spying or collect data it doesn’t dangerous because Facebook and Google also do the same thing to collect data to find what user interested in and show the contents or products that user may interest the only different thing between Tiktok and Facebook is Tiktok was created by Chinese which cause some people to not trust this app by the bias. However, both applications can be dangerous because of the content inside the app so people should concern about the content inside the app instead.

  • Engkawat Jitareethep says:

    I don’t think TikTok is dangerous. As you can see TikTok is used as a time-waster for teenagers and posting some fun or interesting content on the platform. But the idea that it will use to spy on the data might be from a biased perspective toward China, where this app come from.

  • Helenna Sa-ngaunsattaya says:

    I couldn’t agree more as mentioned in the blog that Tiktok has distorted people’s perspective to the world. Tiktok has reached a great target from all ages. With the maximum 60 seconds video, people can interpret a lot through that. Tiktok has been used in many ways such as entertaining, singing or vlogging. However, the censorship on tiktok still be imprecise about what exactly content that they are taking down. This is why tiktok is dangerous especially to young tiktok users, who is not old enough to evaluate the information.

  • Pichamonch says:

    Thanks for sharing this, I also agree that the sensitive and inappropriate contents on social media should be censored because others can easily access it and it can also triggered them.

  • Pantapat Siriwatana says:

    This article is very informative and give us an insight on the other side of Tik Tok that we may have ignored. I personally think while Tik Tok itself can be consider as one of the most impactful and revolutionary app ever since it releases, it is absolutely wrong to secretly spy and take the personal data of user and send it to somewhere else which obviously violate the personal safeness. Just as it is mentioned in this blog, there are so many ways a that data leakage could lead to a crime and ended up harming the users, especially the children. If possible then it might be better to just not use the app entirely or avoid entering too much of personal data in it.

  • Sirothorn Yaneeteeraka says:

    I also agree with the information that TikTok is the one of time waster and there are various contents on it which the users who not legal can access to those contents. So, parent should monitor and advise their children on using these kind of application which contain viral video or many video contents that discretion is needed.

  • Raphiphan says:

    I do think that with media literacy skills, everyone can use TikTok or any others platform safely. However, the platforms should consider having conditions to eliminate or prohibit those unethical contents— child pornography, abusive clips, etc.

  • In my opinion, I believe that all social media platforms have both pros and cons. Before TikTok might have not been aware or carefully recheck the contents that may be posted on the application. Thus, during the past three to four years, TikTok users aren’t as much as now. I am also one of the people who decided to decide to download this application during the pandemic outbreak in 2020. Furthermore, as I am one of the users and a content creator in TikTok right now, rules and regulations are much stricter than before. Videos being posted must be reviewed by TikTok before the video will be published in public. To conclude, I do believe that TikTok has now developed and improved their application as the target group increases, for instance, kids, teenagers, working aged people is now using TikTok for different kinds of purpose. Some people use this application for a business purpose and some people use it just for entertaining.

  • Cybercriminals nowadays are very dangerous and easy to be manipulated by them, especially in young teenage kids. There are many contents that are disturbing including cyberbullying and misleading content. As a Tiktok user, I personally also found these types of content (sexual harassment), which must be banned. Nowadays Tiktok is not appropriate for kids like it used to be.

  • Anchisa says:

    I agree that TikTok can be dangerous when an inappropriate video went viral it happens really fast and things get harder to deal with when large amount of people using the app all see it. Til TikTok took it down it could be too late. We shouldn’t be too comfortable with the app and always be conscious before posting, same as other platform.

  • Pak Charoenrat says:

    As one of the TikTok users, I don’t have any issues about hacker. Moreover, I got a lots of soft skills from TikTok. Everything have both sides.

  • Chanchanok Teejaisakul says:

    That’s true, an undeniable truth is that TIKTOK have good and and things. Personally, I’m the person who always checked TIKTOK. On the other hand, I have to limit the time for myself too for the good mental health to do not get toxic from this application.

  • Suteemont Sukhotu says:

    I feel that the article you write is useful to everyone because TikTok is becoming an application that is famous and interested in people all over the world. As we all know, TikTok is a platform that brings together people’s ideas to create new content to entertain users of this application. However, TikTok can also be a threat to people according to yore blog because when TikTok users make some content too dangerous and lead the audience to act in an inappropriate way. In a good way, we should use media wisely and think carefully. Thanks for the good knowledge and content that useful to our lives.

  • Lattanasahn Suksri says:

    Many people say Tiktok is a bed reputation but i my opinion its our responsibility to manage our social media what to watch what to believe or trust , we can’t really ignore the contents that has been created but we can learn to live with it.

  • Thanyaphon Khwanngam says:

    The fact that Tiktok has been increasingly popular even though its privacy and some of its contents are harmful to the users especially young ones is very interesting to me as it is trying to gain people’s trust by improving their security.

  • Panita Peerapongpipath says:

    This is a great and beneficial blog! This data makes me realize and consider more that the application that is extremely popular and be used in our daily lives can be harmful and not reliable as this much. Hence, the users should aware more how to put the personal information on the app, especially children. Their parents should observe the children’s action for their security on social media platforms.
    In fact, it’s not only Tiktok that everyone should be aware of, but also other applications. In my opinion, nothing is personal online.

  • Waralee Jatchavala says:

    I think that Tiktok is a dangerous application even though the app creators have a banning function. People below 18 still have access to it and the video clips that should be banned may be slipping out. Moreover, people are able to comment freely which can affect the video creators a problem which later on can be cause for depression from social media (in this case a Tiktok application)

  • Dalika jongyingsiri says:

    Tiktok becomes viral in these day and this article help us know more about tiktok and to use platform with carefulness we should read this article. To be honest, I’m the one who started played tiktok without tiktok information and I feel thankful to this article because none can know how tiktok could lead you in which way so we need to be aware about play those platform in nowadays.

  • In my perspective, Tiktok might collect some data from user but it’s not that harmful. Moreover, others application also collect data from user behavior to make their own profit, Facebook, for example. However, social network users still have to prevent their own important information from leaking to others by pondering before fill up on internet.

  • Natthanicha Pongarporn says:

    In my point of view,I think that Tiktok is dangerous in a various way since it had been populated in a second so people didn’t realize or aware of it than they used to be.Everything want viral may be only a minute.As you can see,children in Tiktok tend to be like someone who went viral without realize anything just want to be famous.Lastly,the things that people didn’t aware of is about privacy and some harmful strangers.

  • Krittaporn Yusutha says:

    I really agree that Tiktok is such a time-waster, due to my experience I used to spend time on Tiktok more than 3 hours per day. Moreover, some contents on Tiktok is too harmful for children, Some content is meant to encourage children to do things that are inappropriate prematurely, such as e-cigarette smoking is a trend among teenagers these days.

  • Piraya Punyataweroj says:

    In my opinion, every type of media platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is up to us to choose to consume which side of it and to acknowledge it thoroughly. The fact that TikTok is aimed towards a younger audience/ target group is concerning as these people sometimes are not aware of how serious of an issue social media can be. Furthermore, violence and abusive actions can sometimes be mirrored by cruel behaviour people face online. Thus, it is best to educate the younger generation before it’s too late.

  • Jirapa says:

    Thank you for this amazing blog. I also think that by using TikTok, people could get their personal information hacked. Children who have not reached the age of majority are easy to trust someone. They may be tricked by online scammers through TikTok which is very dangerous.

  • Krittaporn Yusutha says:

    I really agree that Tiktok is such a time-waster, due to my experience, I used to spend time on Tiktok more than 3 hours per day. Moreover, I think Tiktok is too harmful for children, some content is meant to encourage children to do things that are inappropriate prematurely, such as e-cigarette smoking is a trend among teenagers these days.

  • panthapin says:

    I’ve been wondering the same thing whether if tiktok is dangerous or not. Interesting and informative blog!

  • Artitaya Pa says:

    This is terrifying because today there are lots of inappropriate content which is unfiltered and most of users are children and teenagers that is concerning. Furthermore, the software captures personal data from users, and for teens who didn’t aware of this thing which can be hacked, stolen for crimes. However, most people nowadays do not realize at this point. I hope that people will understand that point in the future.

  • Chavisa K. says:

    In my opinion, everything has both sides, it is up to the user, btw I think this article is very helpful because nowadays the number of TikTok users is increasing.

  • nakriya says:

    I am the one of the TikTok user I haven’t encountered any problems yet ,but I agree that TikTok can be dangerous because someone who made the video and got popular so someone might or can copy the video then do something bad with it cause their many user and we can not know who they are as well.

  • Chidchanok says:

    I also agree that the sensitive and inappropriate contents on social media should be censored because others can easily access it and it can also triggered them. Tiktok has altered people’s perceptions of the world, as stated in the blog. Tiktok has attracted a large audience of people of all ages. People can perceive a lot with a maximum of 60 seconds of footage. Tiktok has been utilized for a variety of purposes, including entertainment, singing, and vlogging. Ticktok’s censoring, on the other hand, is still ambiguous about what information it is removing. This is why tiktok is particularly risky for young tiktok users who are unable to assess the material.

  • Phurich Pongteerapol says:

    I agree that TikTok is dangerous because some content in TikTok is not creative and it can make someone could be in trouble. TikTok users are many various ages from kids to adults. if some of the non-creative content on tiktok is spread out . it may causing plagiarism because children still do not know what should or should not be done.

  • Preeyaphat Vimolphatthanatham says:

    In my opinion, TikTok should be more strict with their censorship, such as ages, because there are many different types of users, particularly very young ages who are unable to analyze the information on their own.

  • Leenkawan Thanompongphandh says:

    I agree that TikTok is dangerous nowadays, not just because they have access to our accounts and may control our information, but also because of cyberbullying on social media. By the way, many people are using Tiktok without realizing the risks.

  • Warisara Kaewduang says:

    Thank for this amazing article! From my opinion, I think that every online platforms have pros and cons like a coin has two side. It is depending on where do we want to consume in social media.

  • Pantari Sirisachadecha says:

    I agree that all our time consumption is mostly put on social media including tiktok. This article is really impressive because it explains both the pros and cons of tiktok. People perceives a lot of information on social media nowadays and it really do affect the society because there are inappropriate contents and it could be harmful towards the audience who consumes a lot of it. Thank you for putting this article up as it reminds us to be aware of what we see on social media like Tiktok.

  • Napapon Padhanarath says:

    In my opinion, not only TikTok that dangerous but also other platform in social media because right now in social media you don’t really know who that is so it’s really dangerous. Thank you so much for sharing this article.

  • Sirothorn Yaneeteeraka says:

    I’ve heard about news about Tiktok before that the US government banned this application due to the security. In my opinion, TikTok is the one platform that contains various contents and everyone can easily access to these contents, so it is not surprise why this application can cause many cons to the users who lack discretion.

  • Pizhamon Watanasirichaikul says:

    This is really good information! I’m one of those people who like to use tiktok and reading the new information you posted made me realize that it’s dangerous in terms of bullying and the fact that foreign countries collect ours data. Nevertheless, I think tiktok is a life changer that also made people happy even it is a waste of time.

  • Rachavalee says:

    As I spend most of my leisure time on TikTok, I do agree that TikTok are dangerous. However, I also think that other social media platform are dangerous too. Everyone can easily has access to social media even the kids, so sometime censorship is in charge for some people who has no maturity.

  • Niracha Surabal says:

    Before reading this article, I didn’t feel that the tiktok app was dangerous because I use tiktok regularly for entertainment, creating content and seeing what interests me. I don’t think it’s an app that criminal will be able to collect our data, but after reading this article, I saw the real danger. From knowing that TikTok can collect our personal information, it’s a bit worrying because the phone number linked to tiktok is also linked to the bank. Therefore, criminals may be able to use it to retrieve our information!

  • Opor Pongdara says:

    Undeniable that Tiktok is a really famous. People around me more than 70% are using Tiktok. This app makes many viral video. Also, it makes some old songs to viral again which has benefit for artists. However, it’s kinda dangerous too because it has our data and some videos contain bad content which not have trigger warning (sucide, flash videos etc.) On the other hand, others platform have our data too

  • Torfa Ruengarak says:

    This is quite interesting because nowadays, most of people are spend time on TikTok more than the other apps and it is very scary because before you access into the app, it is required you to give your personal information. I think that the applications could have more security and more carefully about the content on the app to protect the audiences while playing!

  • Kullaket says:

    Thank you for giving such useful information, ka. Arjan, I’ve heard a lot of rumors about Tiktok, but not in detail, so reading your article clarifies things for me. When I first started using TikTok last year, there was a feature called “ask a friend to join TikTok” where we could earn money, which many Thai influencers reviewed and did. Personally, I think it’s bizarre and strange to do that, and it’s also harmful in certain ways, why do people dare to link their bank accounts to their social networking accounts? Is it because TikTok is well-known and trustworthy? In my opinion, social media is detrimental in every aspect, and we must exercise caution when utilizing it.

  • I’m one of the person who likes to playing TikTok in my free time because it could makes me relax to find something funny to watch, and also I like to dance which almost of the content that I like to watch and share is dance performance. But I agree with the article that some of the content is too dangerous with some of the content or comments that leads to fakes new or suicide. Even though, it’s not just in TikTok, there’s more and more of the bad content or the feedback of the people that is dangerous in social media, for example Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

  • This article is so useful!!! I’m the one who love to play and watch TikTok and I agree that some content is so dangerous for some audiences and some comment is very bad for creators. Anyway, every Social media is very dangerous if we play it in the wrong way.

  • Sirapob Tangtanawuttikul says:

    Thank you for sharing this useful information. I agree that Tiktok can be dangerous for some people, but it can also be safe for others. Everything has two sides to it. It is dependent on the individual’s usage, and we must exercise caution when using media other than TikTok.

  • Tanakrit Tipayaphan says:

    As i know tiktok is developing to protect sensitive content now, but it have 2 side.this app have many content that show us to entertain if developer can fix this it would be great for us to use in daily life.

  • For my perspective, Tiktok has system similar to others application such as Facebook and Instagram, for example. This system help us to receive the content differently depend on each person’s taste. Therefore, others application can also cause the problem like Tiktok, so I think that Tiktok is not dangerous as other people concerned.

  • Thanasilp Sawaengphan says:

    In my opinion I think every social media has pros and cons but as long as we use it the right way it should be safe enough to use.

  • Neen Sungthong says:

    Thank you for the information! In my opinion, TikTok doesn’t categorize or show the contents that are appropriate for the age of the user which we can see by kids these days are doing things from what they saw on Tiktok, but the data collecting of Tiktik doesn’t seem to be harmful compare to the other applications.

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