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Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, EPIC Games, Roblox, Unity Technologies, Autodesk, Nvidia — they all participated in the creation of Metaverse. The companies behind these games are trying to be part of the evolution of the metaverse.

This is a combination of several elements of technology, including virtual reality, augmented reality and video, in which users “live” in the digital universe. Proponents of the metaverse imagine that its users work, play, and keep in touch with friends in everything from concerts and conferences to virtual travels around the world. But overall, the Metaverse is becoming the gateway to most digital experiences, a key component of all physical experiences, and the next great working platform. To this end, the Metaverse has become a new macro lens for many of the world’s tech giants.

Simply put, the metaverse is the concept of introducing the Internet and all related technologies to the world around us. It is important for you to know that the metaverse can change everyday life. And this would revolutionize not only the infrastructure layer of the digital world, but also a large part of the physical one, as well as all the services and platforms on them, how they work and what they sell.

What I think will be the defining characteristic of Metaverse is primarily how the digital realm is reflected in our physical environment. So, first of all, the metaverse is really about the interface between the physical and digital domains. The metaverse may resemble the physical world in that it often appears to be related to the physics and circuits of our reality, but it doesn’t have to be exactly the same. Metaverse is essentially a 3D mixed reality “place” that combines the real/physical world with the digital world.

It’s persistent, which means it persists even if you close the app or log out. It is also collaboration, meaning that people in this world see the same thing and can work together.

As the metaverse expands, it will offer you a hyperreal alternate world in which to coexist. Hints of the metaverse already exist in online gaming universes such as Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox.

Within each metaverse, these might include games, movies, art, casinos, research, construction, buying, selling, chatting, and more. In many ways, the Metaverse can be seen as an online game that complements itself in real life and allows players to interact with each other both physically and digitally. However, an important aspect of the metaverse is that the augmented world the user sees is shared by everyone. In terms of security, the metaverse closely links real life with virtual and augmented worlds.

The Metaverse can be a mirror world designed to accurately reflect the physical world, or it can resemble a completely fictional world you might encounter in a video game. In general, there is little difference between the “metaverse” and the relative interactive world of virtual reality. Here, Metaverse is often presented as a digital “connected” internet, a representation of real reality, but based on virtual worlds (often akin to a theme park), such as those depicted in Ready Player One and The Matrix. Several science fiction novels and movies, such as Player One, are set in virtual worlds, alternate digital worlds indistinguishable from the real physical world.

Metaverse defines a collaborative virtual exchange space created by combining physical reality, online games, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and cryptocurrencies to allow users to interact virtually. The Metaverse is a virtual reality environment where users can interact with other people in a purely digital space. This adventure involves a very small part of the metaverse, a small step that the participants take in one area.

The Metaverse is the “next big thing” of the digital age and the next evolution of social connectivity. The Metaverse is a vast network of persistent real-time 3D worlds and simulations that maintain the continuity of personalities, objects, history, payments, and entitlements and can be experienced synchronously by a truly unlimited number of users, each of whom feels their presence. . The Metaverse is a common collective virtual space created by the convergence of a virtual enhanced physical reality and a physically preserved virtual space [1], including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality and the Internet.

The term “metaverse” first appeared in 1992 in the science fiction novel Snow Crash by Neil Stevenson, which tells the story of a virtual reality-based continuation of the Internet in which people use digital avatars of themselves to explore the worlds on the Internet. Author Neil Stephenson is credited with introducing the term “metaverse” in his 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash, in which he introduced realistic avatars found in realistic 3D buildings and other virtual reality environments.

Fast forward to 2021, and Metaverse is a virtual reality space where users can interact with the computer environment and other users. Meta, led by Zuckerberg, wants to bring the metaverse to life and provide a way for people around the world to connect through technology and augmented reality (AR), a computer-generated Technology in which images are superimposed on the user’s perception of the world. , thus providing a composite representation. After the Internet, Metaverse may become the first widely available technology since the Internet (after completing the implementation and development of accessible products).

However, recent Metaverse products such as games and social apps do not include accessibility or these features in their products. Ultimately, many developers may be interested in incorporating robust accessibility into the metaverse because it will create a more welcoming environment for everyone to interact with and play with.

The virtual world has been a hot topic of late, with both Facebook and Microsoft claiming it. The Metaverse is a hypothetical 3D version of the Internet in which people interact with 3D virtual worlds using 3D avatars. Conceptually, Metaverse describes a future Internet of permanent, shared, three-dimensional virtual spaces connected in a perceptual virtual universe [2], but standards, common interfaces and communication protocols between virtual environment systems are still under development. Microsoft in particular emphasizes the need to use digital twin technology to build virtual worlds.

Although the concept is still in its infancy, much like the internet in the 1970s, there are many examples in the worlds of games, TV, and movies of what the metaverse looks like and how it works. You’ve probably heard the term “metaverse” several times over the past few years, and outside the realm of science fiction, it usually refers to some sort of computer universe. Since many MMOs that bring together millions of players share functionality with the metaverse, but only allow access to non-persistent instances of virtual worlds used by only a few dozen players, the concept of multiverse virtual worlds is used to differentiate They come from the metaverse. “Virtual space”. Digital content such as Second Life is often seen as the “original metaverse” because (A) it lacks in-game objectives or skill systems; (B) persists virtual hangouts; (C) provides near-simultaneous content updates; (D) ) with real people represented by digital avatars


  • Nabhopp Chiravadhanookul says:

    I’m really excited to see how the Meta verse will come together in the future. After reading this blog I realized that It’s a lot closer than I thought. I never really noticed that stuff like Roblox and Fortnite are basically silly versions of what Zuckerberg is currently developing. If they can really complete all the functions they talked about, the Meta verse will open up an entire new realm of connectivity. However, as everything had two sides, I fear that it will just turn into another episode of Black mirror

  • Sirapob Tangtanawuttikul says:

    It is very good information for many people and me because the world has developed very far. And metaverse is something that simulates a virtual world. So when I read this story, it can help me to understand and keep up with the world.

  • Praemai Thongyu says:

    I have been heard about something about cryptocurrency for a couple years, after that I had done research more about each coins and the word “metaverse” has always been one of my interest. Since now that our world doesn’t have that technology for everyone to be in metaverse yet, but I’m pretty that after it’s happen the world gonna change alot.

  • Yathip Treethammarak says:

    this article give me a lot of information about the metaverse ,it’s help me know better about the metaverse that might play a big part in my life in the future

  • Kullaket says:

    Arjan, thank you for your incredible information. I had no idea how the metaverse would work at first, but after reading your post, I have a better understanding. It would be fantastic if we could meet people to chat to, go somewhere together, attend concerts, and so on, using technology such as virtual reality. And I agree that the metaverse is the “next great thing” in the digital era and the next evolution of social networking because the augmented environment that the user sees is shared by everyone.

  • Krittaporn Yusutha says:

    Thank you for this helpful information, I agree that metaverse is becoming to the next big thing. In the future, metaverse will be a part of our daily lives and may play a significant role in the world.

  • Panthapin Miteja says:

    Thank you for this interesting information. Im mind blown by the idea and the concept of meta-verse as we can lives and sense the imaginary world . This blog help me understand it a lot better . I also want to experience being in a virtual reality . But it’s con is it cost a high price .And maybe someday in the future people will eventually forget to live in the reality if we have or depend too much on virtual reality but I still love the idea.

  • Niracha Surabal says:

    Metaverse is interesting because it is like a virtual world created for people to come together and do various activities together such as meetings, contact, travell, entertainment or shopping. I’m also interested in going to concerts, playing games just like in the real world through our avatars, which are 3D graphics representing ourselves when doing activities in the metaverse. Like playing games, we will see the scenery in it through our real vision, not the vision of characters in game. It may make me more enjoy than usual.

  • Chomchaba Wattanasin says:

    Thanks for sharing this useful information!! I’ve heard the term ‘Metaverse’ for ages but reading your blog made me more understand how it was started and how it is now trending. Metaverse is what people all over the world are currently talking about and focusing on. I agree that it may now be something new but it will change a lot of things in our society. Looking forward to seeing it!!!

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    Thank you for this information. This would be great for our society we can go everywhere we want or do whatever by being in virtual world and this will be big change of our community and if it really happen it will be developing in the next level.

  • Netrbidorn Buain says:

    This is very interesting! Since digital media has played a significant role in every society, I am not surprised that in the future metaverse would connect to reality. It would be more convenient and fun if we could hang out or pay bills in the metaverse which would be so cool.

  • Opor Pongdara says:

    This is really an interesting topic! Couldn’t agree more that The Metaverse is the “next big thing” of the digital age and the next evolution of social connectivity as you said. Actually, I heard this word after facebook change to meta. It’s becoming more and more a part of our life. whether it’s a game or a movie. I’m looking forward to see the evolution of Metaverse!

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    The article really introduces me to know more about the metaverse. People are now getting into the metaverse and trying to make it become one of the things in life, like other media, we still need to study more about it to the way we can use it wisely. Metaverse seems to provide us with a lot of comfortable things as we can do stuff in the virtual world, it would be really interesting if we get to experience it by ourselves in the future.

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    Thank you for sharing information, I heard about Metaverse many times from social media, but I never read about it before: when it is happened, what It can do, and why it become hot topic in present. After reading this article, I feel more interested about it, and I cannot wait to see it’s development and the impact of Metaverse to our life in future.

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    In the future The Metaverse It must have had a huge influence on everyone in the world, making me realize that very soon everyone’s lives will change.

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