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The technologies that make up the Metaverse include virtual reality and augmented reality, where worlds stay in place whether we are there or not. The Metaverse is a digital universe that can be accessed through virtual and augmented reality. It will not only cover entire spaces of virtual reality or virtual reality, but will also allow you to overlay a layer of digital information on the real world through headphones or digital glasses. This comes at a time when immersive technology is becoming the main tool for participating in a metaverse or virtual version of society, which can be even more convenient for students, professionals and educators in times of needed isolation.

For example, students can use virtual reality headsets to attend classes and study in a virtual location of their choice. They want each class to be held in a different shrine around the world, with avatars of students and professors sitting around virtual discussion tables (using university-owned Oculus Quest headsets). Therefore, the first immersive virtual spaces for education are likely to be associated with campus events or classroom lectures with 3D modeling.

This may be in the form of a fully integrated Metaverse of education, teaching and learning in the Metaverse. At the same time, without vital B2B partnerships, the education industry itself will most likely not be able to develop and offer educational products that are fully integrated into the Metaverse. Therefore, building a Metaverse educational ecosystem requires a G2B and B2B collaboration between companies that aims to create mutually beneficial educational offerings that support growth and deliver significant value to all stakeholders.

This could change education systems around the world because the metaverse will allow anything to become an opportunity for learning. In other words, the virtual, collaborative, and task-oriented nature of the metaverse will allow children to learn without realizing it, which is the holy grail of education. Giving students control over their learning can be difficult for teachers, but Metaverse is a tool that teachers can learn to use with their students.

Educators can include game-based learning sessions that are further emphasized by the realistic environments and virtual/augmented reality offered by Metaverse. Virtually every aspect of Metaverse can be used in higher education and online learning. Some institutions use snippets of the main digital tools used in the Metaverse, such as embedding virtual reality, using gamification, and connecting with students and other educators through various communication technologies.

Buzzy metaverses have already emerged dedicated to games, communication, work and creativity, so it is not surprising that educators have begun to look for ways to bring education into the shared virtual world. At a time when our current education system is being criticized for being disconnected from the real world, from authentic experiences that lead students to real academic achievement, many educators are looking to virtual worlds as a tool that can help educators connect students to the real world. . using the technology of the virtual world. The use of virtual reality in online learning is not a new concept, but it may be possible to use it in the future on platforms such as Metaverse.

What’s interesting about this new technology we’re calling the metaverse is that education, also known as learning, seems like the perfect solution. Thus, whether the learning is in person, online, through blended learning, or the Metaverse. Some platform games are educational in nature and may be related to academic lessons.

Several computer education programs, mostly out-of-school, also use the company’s development environment, known as Roblox Studio, to teach kids how to program their own video games. Approximately 7 million users each month participate in one of Roblox’s “learn and explore” activities, which often include educational content but are rarely tied to academic standards or used by schools. There are also several locations on campus where students and faculty can experience immersive technology.

Metaverse School GmbH is committed to offering browser-based virtual 3D environments and collaboration spaces around the world for all types of communication. Here we aim to go beyond online learning by creating a “metaverse” that facilitates the delivery of lessons and creates an engaging learning experience that spans the full range of on-campus classes using the latest digital technologies. In the metaverse, they could learn from virtual experiences provided by a number of world universities. In this hypothetical future, scientists who will be replaced by AI educators and students who cannot afford advanced online learning will turn to collaborative learning in person.

However, both traditional and non-traditional students seem to be interested in online course options that allow for flexible scheduling, and many educators are hoping that virtual world technology will enable institutions of higher learning to provide top-notch services and learning to students. where they live, whether helping aEURoedistanceaEUR learners feel more connected to other course participants through a sense of co-presence in virtual worlds or by providing another way for learners to connect to an educational institution in a visually richer and more engaging way than the flat web allows. We can expect the development of open standards and protocols for virtual worlds to continue, but at the same time, higher education institutions will have to choose which virtual world platform to invest in, which is a puzzle. However, we expect students to choose a university that offers a more diverse and interactive metaverse experience in addition to the academic and global experience.

After all, the metaverse cannot be the inevitable future of education. The Metaverse could change the way college education and academics are monetized. The real revolutionary potential of the metaverse is that it allows for additional profit in the field of higher education.

It is hoped that this breakthrough will lead to new technologies and knowledge that we can use to change the future of education. Before criticizing the Metaverse, we must not forget how revolutionary it will be for educational systems and students around the world. Due to the educational context in the mid/post-pandemic, both teachers and students have reached a new level of understanding of working with technology.

I propose to quickly check with students how much they know about the Metaverse. It is important to note that a key aspect of the metaverse is the emphasis on active participation in experiences, which makes it ripe for education and learning, but more on that later. The Metaverse will allow students to experience an increasingly “cyber-physical” university experience where the virtual world merges with the real.

Due to the unforeseen pandemic situation, the use of technology in distance learning, online classrooms and virtual reality, and similar resources for educational purposes has grown by leaps and bounds. This feature made the company one of the first leaders to create the so-called Metaverse, an immersive but hypothetical online world popularized by Silicon Valley leaders like Mark Zuckerberg Touted as the future of the Facebook meta-platform company. the Internet. $73 billion gaming company Roblox is poised to position itself as a leader in bringing classroom learning into the “virtual world” — currently attracting Silicon Valley’s burgeoning virtual world.


  • Torfa Ruengarak says:

    This is quite interesting! Nowadays, we are more doing things on online platform because of COVID-19 situation so if Metaverse can apply with education, it is very helpful for on-line classes to be more realistic and more exacting. On the other hand, not all educators will comfortable to use 3D classes because some of educators like to learn in realistic classes and socialization with people more than participating on your own and this technology is quite new so we have to learn more about it carefully.

  • Artitaya Pa says:

    I think Metaverse is the topic that grabs people’s interest nowadays because we’re going to be a technology world also because of the Covid-19 pandemic so people not only teens but also adults know how to utilize social media and technology. In addition, if generating a virtual community is possible in the future, I’m pretty sure that the new generations will be ready for this virtual society. Moreover, this leads people to freely access a more diverse society. On the other hand, your personal information can be hacked or accessed easier too. So, a creator should think more about this gap.

  • Jiratchaya Jumponkunawut says:

    I think the idea of combining the metaverse and education together is a very interesting idea, especially in the Covid-19 pandemic. The platform of online study now is not that effective for the type of student who can’t pay attention to the screen for a long time like me, the virtual classroom will help them a lot. However, I am also concerned about the health of the kid that has to wear and use that virtual reality headset if it really is able to do it.

  • Siwapach Tortanachotiwat says:

    This is a good impressive idea to develop the education system. Students nowadays learn through online meetings which are easier for them to get distracted by their surroundings such as family members, electronic things, games. On the other hand, teachers can not fully perform their teaching skills because they are not with the students. Metaverse might allow them to get into the simulated world and meet each other more realistically. Moreover, this might be the only possible way to develop the online meeting!

  • Praemai Thongyu says:

    The story reminds me of a group work last week that everyone have to come up with the idea that would have happened in the metaverse. If we talk about the metaverse and education in the future as you wrote, it must be very interesting and higher level of getting knowledge than what we basically do now in the internet. However, I think it might be unaffordable for some students how could not afford some sort of technology things especially in Thailand.

  • Pantari Sirisachadecha says:

    Metaverse is a new platform and source of getting to experience the new way of gaining knowledge. It’s a great idea in putting metaverse and education together because it’ll provide an astonishing experience for audiences in getting convenient accessibility and the use of technology

  • sirothorn yaneeteeraka says:

    After discuss in class about metaverse, I also agree that education and metaverse sound interesting if it can combine together. it would help improve education to be more accessible.

  • Sirapob Tangtanawuttikul says:

    The concept of integrating the metaverse and schooling is one that I find quite intriguing. It would aid in the improvement of education by making it more accessible.

  • Panita Peerapongpipath says:

    From my perspective, the metaverse is certainly an interesting topic to discuss how to make it work with education. It will absolutely help and advance education for people since they can study anywhere and at any time that they desire, so the metaverse is a good choice for improving our education. Moreover, I think the metaverse is not merely used for improving studying but can exert influence on other aspects of people’s daily lives as well. Thus, it is a possible thing to produce in the future to make people’s lives better and be more developed.

  • Keeratiya Amornpiyapong says:

    The Metaverse is amazing!! If it combine with education, I think it’s a great idea because its seem fun and make student more concentrated. The normal education is quite boring sometimes, so the metaverse is a great one!

  • Neen Sungthong says:

    Metaverse is now a hot topic and if it could combine with education, surely it would caught student’s attention and the class would be more interesting. In the future, people would have more understanding about metaverse but i’m afraid some people might find it uncomfortable or having technical issue which can cause a problem for the student.

  • Engkawat Jitareethep says:

    If the metaverse will use in education it would be amazing!! This might grab a lot of interest from students and this will improve the education level to a higher level.

  • Pantapat Siriwatana says:

    Metaverse as a new option for learning is indeed something very fascinating for both students and teachers. Perhaps we will be able to gain some new experience by diving into the Metaverse and explore the possibility it can offer to us. But we have to keep in mind that the technology is still relatively new and needed further experimenting to determine the efficiency and safeness of it.

  • Raphiphan says:

    Metaverse is cool tho. If the technology continues developing this metaverse, I think it will enhance a lot of opportunities for ussss!!!!

  • Metaverse is a great idea to catch student attention! I think Metaverse can blend-in with the today education perfectly due to the online classes during pandemic, but this technology has to improve a lot more. I can’t wait to see Metaverse in education version!

  • Nabhopp Chiravadhanookul 6407640314 says:

    Wow! Just the thought of a virtual reality classroom excites me already. Games, interactions, new ways of learning, the possibilities are endless! If everything you mentioned in this article becomes real one day, I think kids in the future generations might actually find school more fun than videogames. They won’t have to choose between online lectures and Fortnite anymore 😛

  • Panthapin Miteja says:

    This is so interesting! In my opinion, meta verse will absolutely made the education be more interesting. Student may be more interested and invested in studying.

  • Opor Pongdara says:

    When I read “Introduction to the Metaverse” from your blog, I wonder that how education in Metaverse will be? After I read this article, I can see which way education in Metaverse will be! Because we still have to isolate ourselves, I think use some Metaverse function as you said in this article would be great! I really like the idea that we can study in virtual classroom by using VR. Also, we can custom our avatar! Moreover, I see someone add education media in Roblox! I have tried it and it’s really fun! It’s good to add education in Metaverse because it will makes studying a lot more interesting and fun.

  • Krittaporn Yusutha says:

    Great article! I totally agree that “the metaverse cannot be the inevitable future of education”, due to unexpected situations that may occur in the future and development of technology, we can see the example from Covid-19 situation. Nowadays, Thailand still have to do online study, so virtual study may be a good choice for student and professor to have more effective course. However, online study todays also have some negative effects on physical and mental health of both student and professor, and sometimes it could not effective as it should be. Hence, to develop virtual study should consider these problems too.

  • Chakorn Namwat says:

    Wow! If we could reach that level of technology, it would make School and University more interesting. Especially, a lesson that has to interact with fields and people. I think virtual reality like Metaverse is our hope to reduce the limitations of online learning and it could make studying more interesting.

  • Warisara Kaewduang says:

    Such a great blog! I realized that if metaverse become a part of education now, it would be allowed students more interesting. I would not miss metaverse for education for real!

  • Kliao-ngern jiraprachaya says:

    Really great article! I completely agree with you that “the metaverse cannot be the unavoidable future of education”, due to startling circumstances that will happen within the future and advancement of innovation, we will see the case from Covid-19 circumstance. These days, Thailand still have to be do online think about, so virtual think about may be a great choice for understudy and teacher to have more effective course like now Thammasat university also has campus in Metaverse. Be that as it may, online think about todays moreover have a few negative impacts on physical and mental wellbeing of both understudy and teacher, and now and then it may not compelling because it ought to be. Thus, to create virtual think about ought to consider these issues as well.

  • Netrbidorn Buain says:

    This is very interesting! In the future, I think that education and Metaverse would be great if they combined. Since the pandemic has occurred, online and digital technologies have played a big role in online education. In my perspective, it would not be too far for new hope for the virtual classroom.

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