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FUNK(y) Courses

My Courses

Over the span of a long professional career in marketing, business, start-ups, and academics I was lucky enough to create a few courses that helped countless of students / participants / companies to achieve their goals and dreams.

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The Future Ready Graduate

Having worked in academics and businesses I know that it’s not easy to integrate a fresh grad into an existing corporate structure and it’s not easy for a fresh grad to switch from student to business mode. This course equips the fresh grad with all the ‘soft/smart’ skills needed to hit the professional ground running that aren’t taught at Uni.

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Media Literacy Courses

#FakeNews and Disinformation have seen a tremendous rise in media coverage within the last few years. Hence it is crucial to increase media literacy within students as well as corporations and employees. Having a media literate workforce will benefit any company’s bottom line and being media literate will help individuals improving their lives and jobs.

Digital Marketing Courses

If you don’t know digital marketing, you won’t get found. As easy as that. I’m here to help you understand digital marketing no matter if you’re just starting out or if you’re a pro that needs some inspiration and refreshment.

Fitness for Busy People Course

Too busy to stay fit? Wrong. Sound body, sound mind! Let me show you how to live a healthy and fit lifestyle while working in an agency, start-up, academics, etc. If I can do it, you can do it!

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Creativity & Communication

Communication is, obviously, an integral part of every day business. Even though we use it day to day it also is one of the most difficult skills to master. How do we communicate with our colleagues? How do we know we understand each other correctly? How do we make sure that great ideas don’t get lost in communication? 

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Cross Department Communication

Understanding each other is crucial! Let me help you make sure nothing gets lost in translation!