photo of two men fighting

Why I fight

The other day I just agreed to another Muay Thai (Thai boxing) fight next month. Lots of my friends, colleagues, and even students, ask me why I keep doing that. Why would you take Muay Thai fights if you’re a professor/consultant/speaker/etc.? Here’s my answer. Martial Arts, for me, is my form of meditation. It keeps …

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concrete building under blue sky

Media & Political Correctness

Legal and cultural changes over the past 40 years have brought women and people of color into corporate professional ranks in unprecedented numbers. Current laws protect these traditionally underrepresented groups from severe forms of discrimination in hiring and promotion. Overt prejudice and discrimination in the workplace, historically sanctioned by society, are now far from acceptable. …

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digital marketing for lawyers

Why Digital Marketing matters for law firms

Online marketing provides lawyers many opportunities to raise awareness about their law firm and its practice groups, generate new business opportunities and offer new clients a prospect. Law firms that focus on generating new qualified leads and winning new customers through online marketing must ensure that their websites are optimized for conversions. Lawyers understand how …

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storytelling for digital marketing

Why Storytelling matters for digital marketing

One thing to remember is to remember that it is your brand history that interests your audience, not your own personal story or those of your marketing team. Creative, righteous narratives created through stories and content go beyond the usual marketing stick to grab our attention and be relevant. Successful companies are great at telling …

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